Cheap Kayaks For Sale Under 200 Dollars

HIgh Quality and Cheap Kayaks for Sale Under 200 Dollars

Finding good cheap kayaks doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty that cheap kayaks for sale under 200 dollars that will get you on the lake. An inflatable kayak is a solution you can consider. They are very portable and beginner friendly. Last but certainly not least, inflatable kayaks are inexpensive. Each of the kayaks in the chart above are well below  200 dollars and are available from Amazon with free shipping. I have compiled this chart to show the individual specs of each watercraft, as they all vary one from another, and depending on what you are looking for, one could be a better option than the rest for you.

All of these shown are inflatable, but that doesn’t mean they are not durable. In fact, inflatable kayaks will last years and actually have many more benefits – they pack down to a small size so you don’t need a trailer or roof rack like you would with a rigid one, they are light, and they are affordable. They are also much easier to carry by yourself since they compact so well, unlike a rigid kayak. All these benefits, plus the quality of the modern materials they are made of, means you don’t have to break the pocket book just to have an enjoyable day on the lake or river. Read on to see more information about each individual one.

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Our cheap kayaks for sale under 200 dollars Recommendations

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak – Best Inexpensive Kayak Choice

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The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is one of the highest rated kayaks under 200 dollars. This is a two-person kayak with a weight limit of 350 pounds, so it can take you and a partner out on the water. This is made out of a tough vinyl material that is high visibility to ensure you are visible to oncoming boats. The seats themselves are inflatable as well, but also can be adjusted to lean forward or backwards.

One great thing about the K2 is that it has grab handles on the front and back so it can be easily transported. This kayak also comes with many extras that will save you time and money: (2) 86″ aluminum oars, a patch repair kit, and a high-output air pump to help blow this up in minutes. This also comes with a skeg, which is basically the little fin that comes down underneath the back of the kayak and helps guide the kayak. One recommendation with this is to drill a hole through it and wrap line through the hole around the kayak just to ensure it stays in place, as it can come off easily. This also comes with a splash guard in the front to help keep water out.

The only negative on this is that it may be a little heavy compared to others – however, with two people, it shouldn’t be a bad issue.

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

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For the sportsman out there, Sevylor designed the Tahiti Hunt and Fish kayak. This kayak is another 2 person, this time with a weight limit of 360 pounds at an incredibly light weight of only 19 pounds. It is made of a durable 21-gauge PVC and has multiple air chambers that would prevent it from sinking in case a hook were to accidentally penetrate it. The seats are inflatable and adjustable as well.

This kayak is stable and will work well for casting or shooting out of, and the olive green color may blend well with vegetation. One thing to be aware of is that this only comes with a carry bag – no skeg, oars, or air pump. So, you will have to invest a little more, but you should still be able to get on the water for under 200 dollars, which is the goal.

This also comes with spray covers and a handle on both the front and the back for easy handling. This appears to be similar to the Intex Explorer K2, just in a more obscure color that won’t be as visible, which is a good thing for fisherman and hunters. Don’t forget to buy a skeg should you get this kayak!

Coleman Quikpak K1 Kayak

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This is a single person kayak for those of you looking for a solitary day out in the sun! The Quikpak actually folds up into a backpack, which is really the seat! Talk about quick and easy to transport, especially at only 18 pounds. Coleman also says that this kayak takes no more than five minutes from the time you take it off your back until you are paddling across the water. Another cool feature of this is the cup holder for your cold beverage.

This kayak can also hold a good amount of weight, having a 400 pound weight limit for a single person. To ensure this doesn’t sink, the bottom of the kayak is made from strong tarp, and it also contains multiple air chambers so even if one were punctured, it wouldn’t sink. The Quikpak also has a handy gear net in the front for holding down gear like fishing tackle, camping items, drinks, and more.

This kayak actually does come with a paddle, air pump, and skeg, so you are good to go the day this gets to your house!

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

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For the price, the Intex Challenger K1 can’t be beaten, but it is still a top rated kayak even at such a steal. This inflatable kayak is a single person kayak and has a unique design compared with other inflatables – your feet actually go underneath the front, which helps protect you from splashing and keeps you drier. On top of that, there is a cargo net on top which you can store about anything and is highly accessible since it is right in front of you. This kayak also has some unique colors.

Of course, there are some tradeoffs – this kayak is heavy at 27 lbs, so that should be taken into consideration, and the weight limit is only 220 lbs. However, if these wouldn’t affect you, this is a great buy, especially at this price. This also comes with a skeg, paddle, repair patch kit, and a hand pump so you can inflate this the second you pull it out of the box.

Sevylor Fiji Kayak

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The Sevylor Fiji Kayak is a more relaxed looking kayak, one that you and a partner could go leisurely paddle around with. You could do so with peace of mind, as this is made with 22 gauge PVC and has two comfortable inflatable seats. This is a two person kayak with a 400 lb weight limit that is the highest 2 person inflatable kayak weight limit out of these five. A person can also remove the middle seat if you are going alone and want more room.

This setup comes with a carry bag and one paddle, so you would have to purchase the pump separately. This kayak also has multiple air chambers for less risk of sinking. If you are looking to spend a calm day on the lake or floating a river, this kayak will help you do that. The cool colors also shouldn’t get as hot as a darker kayak in the sun.

Cheap Kayaks For Sale Under 200 Dollars Conclusion

inexpensive and inflatable kayaks under $200

All of these inflatable kayaks are an outstanding price and will get you on the water far cheaper than any other available watercraft. Nowadays, the material these cheap kayaks are made with will last for years and years of use. If you have been longingly gazing at the river or lake on a calm day, buy one of these five today and head down to the water, as they are the best of any cheap kayak for sale under 200 dollars.

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