Best Tackle Box for Kayak Fishing In 2019

If you do a lot of kayak fishing, you know how frustrating it can be to find a tackle box that holds as much as you want, fits well in the kayak, and is still functional and usable once you are on the water. It certainly isn’t an easy task to do, but we have some suggestions for you for a great tackle box for kayak fishing.

We have found that the key to getting the right tackle box for fishing from a kayak is actually to get a medium-sized to smallish-sized tackle bag that can hold several different trays. The reason is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space and you can bring three or four different trays with you depending on what you are targeting. You could, in theory, have 3 or 4 different trays each for different situations, and when you decide what you are going to target, you switch those out with the ones you have. It’s also highly functional to have a tackle bag waterproof trays on a kayak with you.

Here is our list, starting with our choice for the tackle boxes for kayak fishing.

Our Tackle Box For Kayak Fishing Recommendations

Wild River by CLC WT3505 Tackle Tek Mission Lighted Convertible Tackle Bag with Four PT3500 Trays, Small – Our #1 Choice For Kayak Fishing Tackle

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First on our list is this fancy Wild River Lighted Tackle Bag, a fantastic choice for bringing on the water with you. It’s a small tackle bag that measures 8 inches by 13 inches by 6 inches, so it won’t hold everything but the kitchen sink. However, kayak fisherman must be a little more selective when space runs low, and this bag is the solution. It holds five trays of tackle, which should be plenty for most types of fishing.

This bag also has some serious bells and whistles for those interested:

  • 8 inches by 13 inches by 6 inches
  • 5 organizing trays
  • Flexible light for night fishing
  • Self-retracting lanyard for forceps of pliers
  • Shoulder straps convert to waist belt
  • Small

This tackle bag isn’t huge but it sure packs a punch! If you are the kind of person who doesn’t need a lot of lures, the extras on this tackle bag sure make it a tempting purchase. It won’t take up much space, either!

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Box – #2 Choice For Kayak Fishing

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The SpiderWire Wolf tackle bag is another great candidate for kayak fisherman. It’s a fairly good sized bag, measuring 15 inches by 8 inches by 12.5 inches. It will hold a decent amount of tackle in the four storage trays that it comes with, and it has plenty of pockets on top of that. Here are a few key points on the SpiderWire Wolf tackle bag.

  • 15 inches by 8 inches by 12.5 inches
  • 4 medium sized storage trays
  • Many pockets on front, side, and rear
  • Front tool and pliers holsters
  • Fishing line holders on the sides
  • Soft padded shoulder strap

As you can see, this tackle bag is a basic tackle bag that will hold just about everything you need for fishing on your kayak, and it won’t take up a lot of space either.

Berkley Havoc Tackle Bag For Kayak Fishing

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Here’s another heavy duty medium sized tackle bag that is one of the best for kayakers. It’s main compartment holds three medium sized utility boxes, and it also has a few extra large pockets to hold hooks, pliers, and other gear. It’s stiff sides make it easier to handle and carry as well. Here are a few more things to review with the Berkley Havoc tackle bag:

  • Measures about 13 inches by 9 inches by 7 inches
  • Holds 3 medium sized tackle trays
  • Large pockets hold accessories
  • Stiff sides
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Carrying handle on top

This medium tackle bag should be perfect for kayak fishing since it won’t take up a lot of space, but still has enough trays to hold a good amount of tackle.

Wild River by CLC WT3604 Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack with Four PT3600 Trays

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This is one of the coolest tackle bags on the market, and if you have the budget for it, it’s well worth the money! This is actually a backpack, making it super easy to carry if you have portages. It will also hold all your tackle and tools. Here are some details on what make it so cool:

  • Lighted tackle area – a flip up light will luminate your tackle trays in low light conditions
  • Holds 4 medium sized tackle trays
  • Measures 18.5 inches by 17 inches by 8.5 inches
  • Large accessories storage pocket on top
  • Lanyard for pliers or snips
  • Pliers holster
  • Sunglasses holder on very top
  • Rain cover for wet conditions
  • Large adjustable padded shoulder straps

This may be the only tackle bag purchase you’ll have to make for the rest of your life, as many people report it being very durable. It also has all the bells and whistles, helping you fish 24 hours a day. If you have the space for it on your kayak, this tackle bag is a great investment.

Allen Platte River Fishing Gear Bag / Tackle Box

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Want a basic but durable tackle bag? The Allen Platte River tackle bag is one of your best durable tackle bags, and it even has rod straps on the top to carry your rod as well! Here is some more information on this tackle bag:

  • Measures 17 inches by 10.5 inches by 11 inches
  • Holds several separately purchased tackle trays
  • Rod carrying straps on top
  • Several pockets for accessories
  • High visibility lining helps reflect light
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Durable

This tackle bag is a medium sized tackle bag that will hold plenty of tackle and will fit well on your kayak. Definitely one of the best tackles boxes for kayak fishing!

The Best Tackle Box Conclusion

best kayak fishing tackle box

Any of the above tackle bags and boxes will work well for your kayak fishing experience, so you should try to figure out roughly what dimensions would work best for you and go with something similar. All these tackle bags are built for convenient carrying and handling, and can make your fishing experience even better! Take your pick, and thanks for reading about a tackle box for kayak fishing.

best tackle box for kayak fishing – You’ll love any of these fishing tackle boxes!

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