How To Choose The Best Fishing Life Jacket?

Best fishing life jacket

Fishing from a boat on a river, lake or sea is a dangerous occupation in any case. Any experienced fisherman will confirm the need for a fishing life jacket. It is really an integral part of fishing equipment since it can save your life. So there is a question: what kind of life jacket to buy and how to choose it?

Why do you need to have a fishing life jacket?

It is very easy to fall out of the boat and get into the water. The situations can be different. It can happen when you pull out the fish, gape in anticipation of biting or simply lose your balance on the boat. It does not matter whether fishing is in calm water or with a strong current – the probability of being out of the boat is the same. In this case, the best fishing life jacket can help.

For novice fishermen, the fishing life jacket is an additional guarantee that they can go fishing and not panic because of the water. If you fall afloat, you can hold out for a while or swim to the shore.

A high-quality fishing life jacket must have certain requirements and standards:

  • Tight fitting;
  • Strong belts;
  • Waterproof material or special impregnation;
  • Firm threads, stitches;
  • Support of the head above the water.

In addition, it is necessary to know the carrying capacity of the life jacket, thermal insulation, and other properties. Different brands offer models depending on the required components for fishermen. For example, you can save by choosing a more modest but reliable life jacket instead of the product with many pockets.

The indisputable advantage of life jackets is that they can hold a person above water even in an unconscious state. It is really very important. After all, you can fall in a different state (get scared and lose consciousness, get a head injury, fall asleep). The design implies a face-up position, which excludes flooding.

How to choose the best fishing life jacket?

Choice of fishing life jacket

It is necessary to buy a life jacket, which is the most necessary for a fishing trip. It is better to refuse of the additional design additions. Once in the water, they will be useless. But such features as the preservation of heat in cold water, buoyancy and carrying capacity are means of survival, not beauty.

When buying, check fasteners, locks, and belts. Pull them, move, button, and fasten. This excludes the option of failure of poor-quality life jackets.

Try on a life jacket on the clothes in which you are going to fish. Your movements should be free.

Stiffness should be eliminated as well as a too large size of the model.

You probably have noticed the bright orange color of the life jackets. It is visible from afar and the light-reflecting elements are noticeable in the dark. This color is more likely to be seen from afar. It is better not to buy green, blue or ground shades. These are the colors for hunters. For fishing, however, it is necessary to be bright and visible since it will serve as a signal.

Size of the fishing life jacket

Fishing life jacket

It is important to decide on the capacity of your life jacket. A too bulky life jacket will restrain your movements, prevent you from reaching the shore or climb back into the boat. Quite small life jacket, on the contrary, will give you complete freedom of action but it will not hold you well on the water. Therefore, the best fishing life jacket will be one that provides an equal opportunity to move and has sufficient buoyancy. Based on these considerations, choose a capacity of 180-250N.

Your circumference of the chest and weight determines the size of the fishing life jacket. You can find the size chart on the inside of the life jacket. And it’s best to focus on it. In any case, before use, you need to adjust the life jacket to fit your body so that it does not hang out and unfastens.

Material of life jacket

Material of fishing life jacket

The second important issue is the material of a fishing life jacket. Manufacturers use two types of fillers: air and a special foam material.

Various floating materials in the design of the life jacket are much safer. They are not afraid of sharp hooks. The filler should not crumble and break. Fishing life jackets usually contain granular filler, foam and foam polyethylene.

For fishing, it is better to give preference to a foam life jacket. Its filler will take the form of a back, which is anatomically correct. Such life jackets will last longer than inflatable ones due to their durability. In addition, a protection of the torso from the blows will not be superfluous. But they have a disadvantage: they are not compact for storage and transportation.

An inflatable life jacket is convenient for transportation but in terms of security, it is rather unreliable. Any sharp thing can easily pierce it. Such life jacket is suitable in shallow waters or near the shore. But in any case, you need to be more careful.


Quality of fishing life jacket

You should very carefully assess the quality of tailoring. Choose life jackets with double seams. Buckles, belts, and zippers must withstand heavy loads, bumps, and jerks. The fishing life jacket should not spontaneously slip or unfasten. The more belts and straps are on the product, the easier it will be to “tune” it for you.


Fishing seems like a simple activity, especially for beginners. But even an experienced fisherman knows that safety must be a priority. A fishing life jacket will ensure the safety of the fisherman and team members (not participating in fishing, but being on board). The main thing is to buy products of proven brands. If you do not know which manufacturer is leading the market, then just check the life check for strength when buying. Consider the necessary accessories, pockets, and seams.

It is better to choose a convenient life jacket with a minimal but necessary set of features in order to survive in an emergency situation. A fashionable life jacket with a lot of accessories, of course, can be useful for various trifles, but it can be useless in the water.

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