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Pro-Tec Kayak Water HelmetEDITOR’S PICK – Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet

Kayaking can be relaxing, adventurous, or exciting. It all depends on the type of kayaking you enjoy. Perhaps you prefer the laidback approach that allows you to paddle across a quiet pond or lake. Maybe you are far more thrill seeking and you prefer battling it out against a rapid stream or river edged in barnacle-covered rocks.

No matter the type of kayaking you prefer, a helmet is always a necessity for your adventures. Even the subtlest and seemingly unexciting kayak trip can put you at risk of hitting your head. A helmet offers a level of protection that ensures your safety. Head injuries are not uncommon among kayakers, and in severe conditions, can prove fatal. This is why you need one of the top helmets for kayakers.

Protect your noggin with a high-quality helmet rather than taking any risks. The review guide below highlights some of the best kayak helmets available to help you in deciding which will work best for you.

  1. Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet

Best Pro-Tec Kayak Water Helmet



The Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet is an excellent choice for any kayaker looking for protection and comfort. Available in either matte black or matte blue, the helmet offers a simplistic design that appeals to both men and women. If you plan on partaking in any water activities, including kayaking, the Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet is what you need.

This helmet offers some incredible features, including:

  • High-impact ABS
  • Adjustable rear fit headlock system
  • Dual density waterproof EVA
  • 16-hole vent system for comfort, breathability, and drainage
  • Buoyant design

Customers seem rather pleased with the functionality of this helmet. In fact, one customer said, “Fits well and provides the protection I need, plain and simple.” Another said, “The Protec water helmet is light and fits well.” Considering how satisfied customers seem, it is no wonder it has a 4.2 out of a 5-star rating. Best yet, this helmet is a great price, meaning it suits a variety of budgets.

There are some drawbacks associated with the Pro-Tec Ace Water Helmet. Disadvantages include:

  • No protective ear flaps
  • Some sizing issues

There were only a couple of customers that pointed out some minor problems with the helmet. One consumer said, “Size runs small so I had to return it.” All-in-all, though, the majority of buyers seemed quite pleased with their purchase.

  1. Triple Eight Water Halo Helmet

Triple Eight Water Halo Kayak Helmet



The Triple Eight Water Halo Helmet is a redesign of some of the most stylish and comfortable skate helmets. The helmet features a liner that makes it an optimal choice for water activities, including kayaking. No matter if you are out for a leisurely paddle, or you are taking on the rapids, this helmet is a prime choice to keep your head protected.

This helmet offers the following features:

  • Available snap-in ear flaps
  • Sweatsaver Halo Liner for water usage
  • Various sizes available for the perfect fit
  • Color choices to suit your preference
  • Water tension breakage

With a 4.2 out of a 5-star rating and a price that is low but varies depending on size, this helmet is an ideal choice for all of you kayakers out there.

Customers posted several positive comments about the Triple Eight Water Halo Helmet. On poster said, “This helmet is perfect for water sports,” and another simply said, “Very comfortable.” Of course, with the pros, you must also expect the cons. Some drawbacks to this helmet include:

  • Lack of adjustment
  • Possible sizing issues

Since you are not able to adjust the helmet, you must size your head carefully to ensure a proper fit. Have someone help you with measurements so that you know the exact size helmet you need. Otherwise, it is a fantastic helmet for kayaking, particular since it offers ear coverage.

  1. Bern Watts Matte Water Helmet

Bern Watts Matte Kayak Helmet


The Watts helmet originally rooted itself deep within the skateboarding community as the go-to helmet of choice. However, the manufacturers decided to add a comfortable, waterproof lining to the Bern Watts Matte Water Helmet, which is why it is now popular among wakeboarders, kayakers, and the like. If you are looking for a kayak helmet endorsed by some of the most well-known wake athletes, this is the helmet for you.

Silas Thurman, Chad Sharpe, and Mike Ennen all approve of this helmet for water use and optimal head protection. With the purchase of this helmet, you will enjoy several great features and benefits, such as:

  • Soft, comfortable neoprene EVA liner
  • 100% cotton material
  • Foam drains to allow for breathability and comfort
  • Study ABS outer shell design
  • Multi-Impact features thanks to Brock Foam Technology
  • Designed to comply with CE 1385 Safety Standards
  • Color variety
  • Sizing options for a secured and comfortable fit

The Bern Watts Matte Water Helmet boasts a 4.3 out of a 5-star rating and a great price tag depending on the size you choose. Customers seem generally pleased with the design and features of this helmet. One reviewer went as far as to say, “This helmet is great. Not too heavy fits a rounder head better than an oval one.”

However, some displeased customers pointed out the following drawbacks:

  • Sizing issues
  • Potentially poor customers service
  • Inability to withstand high heat temperatures
  • Lack of ear covers despite showing them in the picture

People who purchased this helmet were a little disappointed that it did not come with ear covers although the product picture clearly shows them attached. Additionally, many customers pointed out sizing issues, which means you will want to measure you head for proper sizing before you make your purchase. There was also one customer who claimed the top part of the helmet melted a bit and flattened out after it was left in a hot car.

Although this is a good choice for a kayaking helmet, you want to make sure that you check the sizing of the helmet carefully. Also, if you decide to purchase this helmet, make sure you do not leave it in a hot area such as a car. Otherwise, the majority of customers seemed happy with the design, comfort, and durability of the Bern Watts Matte Water Helmet.

Final Thoughts

Each of the helmets listed above will work great as a kayak helmet. When you head out to have fun in the sun, you can rest assured that your head will have the proper protection thanks to any of these helmets. Make sure you choose one that has a size that best fits your needs to ensure a good fit for maximized safety and protection.

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