Tips To Remove A Fish Hook: Simple Guide For Everyone

Remove fish hook

Any inattentive action and mistakes can cause a fish hook to get stuck in the hand or another part of the body. What should you do in such situation? Keep on reading to know how to remove a fish hook.

The main problem with the hook embedded into the body is the barb on the point. It prevents you from pulling out the hook. If the hook has sat down deeply, then tearing it back is rather problematic. You can damage the tendon, cause severe pain, and increase bleeding.

So, how to determine that you can get the hook yourself? Let’s consider this issue. There are three possible solutions.

Remove the barb with the pliers

Remove the barb with the pliers

If the hook struck right through the skin and came out with the point, then you are a lucky one! This is the most innocuous option. Using the pliers, it is necessary to bite the barb flat to the shank and then pull out the hook. So you do not need to pull a hook through the wound. You pull out this piece of the hook in the direction it came.

If the hook didn’t completely pierce the skin, so the barb is quite close to being outside, but not enough, then you should push the point through your skin and then remove it. But keep in mind that you should do it only if the barb is stuck shallow. If it is deep, then you should seek medical care. When you pull out the hook, look if there is some kind of obvious blood vessels between the flesh, the point of the hook and the skin. Try not to hook them.

So you see that you should have some kind of tool to bite off the point of the hook. So when you go fishing, it is useful to carry with you small tweezers or pliers. They will help in a variety of situations, for example, when repairing gear and in such an emergency situation.

Remove the hook with fishing line

Remove the hook with fishing line

If the hook is stuck too deep or you do not have pliers, then you can use this method. It usually allows you to remove the hook quickly and almost painlessly.

First of all, you need to make a loop with some fishing line. It doesn’t matter which type of line you will use – either a monofilament or braided line. Place the loop over the eye of the hook so that you can pull it against the apex of the bend. With the other hand, press on the eye of the hook. Swiftly and firmly pull the line backward, away from the eye of the hook. The hook must pop out. If you don’t manage to do it, turn the hook so that you can bite off its point with pliers. If you cannot pull out the hook, be sure to consult a doctor.

What if you cannot pull out the hook by yourself?

Removal of fish hook

If the barb has entered the body in such a way that there is no option to remove it, this may cause more problems. Try to pull the hook gently, without obvious effort. It’s good if you pull it out. But if not and you feel like something is pulling it back, then it maybe the barb is hooked on the tendon. In this situation, only the doctor will help you get rid of the hook. Hence, you need to unhook the hook from the tackle (cut off the line, remove the hook from the bait, etc.). If possible, wash the wound area with clean water and treat it with alcohol or iodine.

All the above-mentioned situations relate to usual injuries when the hook is in the limbs and somewhere in areas without increased risk. If it is near the blood vessels, eyes, ears, nose, lymph nodes, then the only solution is to go to the doctor.

What should you do when you pulled out the hook?

Remember that when you pulled out the hook, you need to treat the wound. Rinse it and disinfect with some antibiotic. You can also use iodine or alcohol for disinfection.

How to avoid being captured by a fish hook?

Avoid being captured by a fish hook

Capturing yourself or your colleagues with a hook is an undesirable situation. To avoid such situations, you need to find out the reasons why this happens and reduce the risks.

So you can embed a hook into your body because of inattention while fishing. It can happen when you remove hooks or baits from a fish and it suddenly moves, so the hook can get stuck in your hand. Or you can try to reach something in the boat and slip over. Or when a lure is snagged and you try to free it jerking the line. And lots of other situations…

To avoid such situations, you must be focused and attentive during fishing. Don’t leave hooks and baits in your pockets. You shouldn’t also drink alcohol while fishing. If you want to drink, do it afterwards.

When you hooked the fish and it is at the shore, you have to take it. If you don’t have a landing net, you have to take it with your hand. If the fish is on one hook or on a jig with a single hook, then there should not be any problems. But if you caught it on a wobbler with 2-3 hooks, then it is likely that the hook can be outside. So the fisherman grabs the fish, it jerks and a free hook gets stuck in the hand. This is a common situation and it happens very often.

To avoid this trouble, look at how the wobbler got stuck. If the bait is completely in the mouth of the fish, take the fish just behind the gills. If the hook is outside, be even more careful. Try to tire the fish so that it will be quite exhausted and you can take it with hand. Keep the fish very securely.

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