How To Bass Fish: Tips For Beginners & Experts

How to bass fish

Whether you are a beginner or bass fishing expert, you need to be ready to different situations. Fishing is not an easy process if you don’t know some nuances. Even if you have many years of experience, you have to improve your skills if you want to achieve great results and catch not just simple bass but real trophies.

In fact, it is quite easy to master some basic bass fishing techniques. All you need is patience and practice. Then you can go on with more advanced techniques and constantly improve your skills experimenting with different rods, reels, lines, and lures. Remember that the more time you spend on the water, the more experience you get. So don’t give up if you failed your first bass fishing trip. Just because we learn by doing, achieve by pursuing. Keep on and you will succeed.

So what should you start with? This guide will provide you with the necessary information for catching bass.

What equipment do you need?

For bass fishing, every fisherman needs to have appropriate equipment that includes rod and reel, line, hooks, lures, and pliers for cutting the line. These are the most important items but if you wish you can load your bag with lots of other fishing stuff. Our recommendation is not to take unnecessary things, especially if you are a beginner. Heavy bags can turn your fishing trip into hell. So what do you need to have for bass fishing?

Rod and reel

Rod and reel for bass fishing

Rod and reel are the most important things for every beginner. There are different types of rods and reels. If you are a beginner, it is better to start with the spinning reel and rod. Then when you progress, you can change it for more versatile baitcasting rod and reel. Try to choose quality brands like Shimano, Abu Garcia, and Fenwick. Of course, it is possible to find some other quality rods and reels but these brands have already established themselves as the best ones.

When choosing fishing rod and reel, you should consider their weight. Heavy rods will be hard to work with and it’s not really a big pleasure to hold them for a long time. However, you if you fish from the boat, you can buy a holder for the rod and leave it there. Lighter rods are better for detecting bites and of course, they are easier to use.


Line for bass fishing

When choosing a line for fishing, think about the fish you are going to catch. If it is a big bass, then the line should be stronger. For small bass, it is better to choose a lighter line since it is almost invisible in the water.

If you use a spinning reel, you can take a monofilament or braided line. Its diameter should not be heavier than 10lb because it will be difficult to cast it. For baitcasting reels, you can also choose the monofilament and braid but with the increased diameter, 15-20lb and 30-50lb respectively.

A monofilament line is really great for beginners. It is easy to handle and use and quite affordable. A braided line is tougher than mono and has a smaller diameter for the same strength. It is more expensive but lasts longer than monofilament. There is also one more type of line available on the market – a fluorocarbon line. However, we don’t recommend it for beginners since it requires lots of skills to master it. It is also not good for the spinning reel and you may have lots of troubles with it like backlashes.


Hooks for bass fishing

There are lots of types of bass hooks. Choose wide gap hooks since they will better penetrate the bass mouth. If you use soft plastic baits, then the best choice will be Offset Wide Bend and Offset Extra Wide Gap (EWG). Don’t buy small hooks because they are more likely to get stuck in the bass mouth and when you remove the hook, you can kill the fish.

When choosing bass hooks, check whether they are sharp enough. Never buy dull hooks and don’t believe shop assistants who say that the hooks come dull from the manufacturer and you can easily sharpen them. Such hooks are of bad quality and you will hardly take advantage of them.


Lure for bass fishing

Lures and baits allow you to see the bites better because of their bright colors. The choice of lures greatly depends on the place where you are going to fish. It is better to use local lures and baits because the fish are familiar with them and they resemble local prey. Unusual baits can scare the fish or it may not recognize it.

For a Texas rig, you can use any plastic bait but the most common is a worm with a curly tail that vibrates. You can also take worms with straight tails such as the Trick Worm or Senko. You can try these lures if the bass don’t bite curly tailed worms.

Another great lure for beginners is the Senko style soft stickbait. You don’t need any special skills to use it. Compared to Texas style, the Senko is less weedless that may be a little drawback for bass fishing.

Other simple and effective baits are a buzzbait and topwater toad. They are great for fishing over the top of vegetation, fallen trees, and rocks.

Spinnerbait and swimjig are also popular among anglers. You just cast them and roll back slowly keeping them hovering over the bottom.

When you progress, you can try some other more advanced baits and lures like swimbaits, crankbaits, topwater plugs, drop shot, Carolina rig, chatterbait, hollow body frog and others.

Fishing pliers

Fishing pliers

You can face different situations while fishing. Snags are the most common. Your line can get stuck in fallen logs and trees and sometimes it is impossible to get it free. In this case, you will need fishing pliers that will cut it.

What are the best places to bass fish?

Apart from the gear, one of the most important issues for beginners is the place for bass fishing. Most people start by fishing from the bank. And this is probably the best option to start with. You can also consider fishing from a dock, boat or kayak.

Bass fishing from the bank

Bass fishing from the bank

This is one of the best and cheapest options since it costs almost nothing. All you need is to have a rod, reel, some lures, and baits. You can find any convenient place for you such as a river, lake or damp. For bank fishing, you should choose a topwater lure or spinnerbait.

Bass fishing from the dock

Bass fishing from a dock

Bass fishing from the dock is rather similar to fishing from the bank. The difference is that when fishing from the dock, you will be further from the bank. This is more beneficial since you have more chances to catch large bass. Casting from the dock is also more convenient and easier for beginners as there are fewer obstacles like trees and rocks. If you cast under the dock, make sure that there are no snags and your tackle will not get stuck there.

Bass fishing from a boat or kayak

Bass fishing from a boat

A boat or kayak gives you more opportunities since you can further from the bank and change your locations in search of a good bite. However, you will not have a lot of spare area around you and you may have troubles when casting. You have to be focused in order not to fall out of the boat or kayak.


So now you know the most important things to consider when you are going to bass fish. Remember to think about your gear and pick the right rod, reel, line, and lures. Try to get as many information about the fishing spot as possible and don’t forget to ask local anglers for advice.

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