How To Use A Spinning Reel?

How to use a spinning reel

Every angler having acquired a spinning reel hopes that it will serve for a long time. A good spinning reel is quite expensive and you will probably be upset if you break it due to your illiteracy and improper operation.

What should you pay attention to?

So you have a spinning reel and want to master it. But what should you know about it? Here are some tips for your consideration.

  • First of all, the spinning reel is a rather complex mechanism that requires careful handling. Breakages usually occur due to shocks during transportation or during fishing. For example, when you are in a hurry try to take up a fish with a landing net or pick it up with a gaff, you can throw aside your spinning reel and it can fall on a stone or solid object. In this case, a reel handle, line guide or the whole mechanism can get damaged.
  • Secondly, the spinning reel also requires a proper operation. Each new spinning reel usually has a user manual. It has schematic images that allow you to understand the basic principles and rules for handling the mechanism. Of course, it is necessary to observe these rules.
  • Thirdly, each specific spinning reel is designed for a certain method of fishing. It means that it is preferable to use a specific diameter of the line, how much line should you wind on the spool and which loads it can stand. You can usually see this information on the spool. It is very important to wind the fishing line correctly.
  • Fourthly, you need to adjust the drag system correctly. This will avoid strong overloads of the spinning reel, especially when trying to free the bait from the snag
  • Fifthly, it is necessary to regularly and carefully maintain and properly store the spinning reel. So you need to clean and lubricate it.

So how to use a spinning reel correctly?

Stage 1. First of all, you need to know how to wind the line on the spool, how to remove the spool and carefully insert it into the reel.

Winding the line on the spool

Remove the spool from the spinning reel. Put a fishing line on it. If you have a spinning reel with a rear drag, you need to press the knob that is on the spool. In other models, open the adjustment knob that is on the reel in front of the spool.

Open the line guide carefully and don’t press on it. Insert the spool on the main shaft. Rotate slowly. You can do this in the direction that suits you. Rotate until the drag clicks. Then, after closing the line guide, you simply wind the line. The line should be always in tension because this will allow you to reel it more evenly across the spool.

Wind the line to the end and stop in a couple of millimeters before the end of the edge of the spool. Try to use fishing lines of different diameters. You will just need to have different spools for the spinning reel and change it as needed. There are spools of different capacities and you can easily find them.

Stage 2. Now you need to secure the line. You also need to know how to use the anti-reverse switch and its properties.

Anti-reverse switch

The creators of the spinning reel invented a convenient mechanism so that the line would not rotate in the opposite direction when winding. You simply turn on the switch that is located at the back of your reel. Or you can find this switch at the bottom of the reel body. A lot of anglers keep the anti-reverse switch in the on position since it helps avoid tangles when unwinding.

Stage 3. Drag system. You need to adjust the drag system of the spinning reel.

Drag system

Even taking into account that the line is strong, it can tear when catching a large fish. You just need to use the drag when the fish is fighting. Adjust the drag before you start fishing. You need to pass the line through the line guide. Thread it carefully in the rings that are on the rod. Then secure the fishing line and turn on the anti-reverse switch. Be sure to check it before fishing.

It is important to adjust the drag mechanism carefully. Do everything without effort because excessive jerks can cause a breakdown of the rod or spinning reel.

Stage 4. A brief overview of the first steps while casting.

Casting a spinning reel

Take the spinning rod in the place where the spinning reel is mounted. You have already adjusted the drag system in the third stage and checked the anti-reverse switch. You can take the spinning rod in any hand. With your index finger, press the fishing line to the rod handle, two centimeters from the line guide. Then you need to open the bail of the line guide. Now you are ready to make a cast. Your finger will hold the line and prevent it from unwinding from the spool when you flip the bail over.

Look around before casting. There should be no obstacles along the pass of the fishing line and bait.

You can throw in different ways. There are lots techniques how to do it. Do not believe those people who say that their technique is the best. After all, no one knows the length of the spinning rod, the weight of the bait, and the experience of the fisherman.

One of the most common techniques is to swing the rod behind you and then cast it. You should stop the cast and release the line from your finger when the rod tip reaches the 10 o’clock position.

Stage 5. Take care of your spinning reel.

Maintenance of a spinning reel

If you want your spinning reel to serve you for a long time, you should take care of it. Here are some things that you have to take into consideration:

  • Take care that there is no sand inside the mechanism;
  • Avoid getting water into the spinning reel. The reaction of water and lubricant leads to poor operation of the mechanism;
  • The box in which you store the spinning reel should be dry;
  • When transporting a spinning rod with an installed spinning reel, it is important to protect the spool, especially if it is plastic;
  • It is important to lubricate the mechanism of the spinning reel. If you plan to fish in the winter, then completely replace the summer lubricants with low-temperature ones.
  • Remember that all warranty obligations apply only to the manufacturing defect.

Conclusion. It is not so difficult to use a spinning reel as it may seem at first sight. All you need to do is to practice. Over time, you will get a feel of your spinning rod and master how to cast it correctly.



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