Penn Spinfisher V Review

Penn Spinfisher V Review

PENN Spinfisher V Review Spinning Reel

Penn Spinfisher V review – If you’re big into fishing, then you probably already know about the PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel, one of the more decent reels on the market for around 100 dollars. You can use this reel in both freshwater and saltwater!

Most fishing enthusiasts start off with a cheap reel, but if you are serious about getting the big game, getting a serious reel is your first step. Spinning reels are amazing if you want to cast your line further and easier. They also work incredibly well when it’s windy. But choosing the best reel can be tricky.

There was a lot of anticipation and hype before the PENN Spinfisher V hit the market, and most people claim that it didn’t disappoint. This PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel review will give you all the information you need to make a smart shopping decision and make your fishing better! So, what’s so special about this reel?

Specifications and Models

Penn Spinfisher V Review Table
Rating: 4.5/5
Max drag: 20lb-40lb
Waterproof: Yes
Models: 11
Bearings: 5+1
Cost: $$

This open face reel comes in over 10 different models, each with a different amount of power. This gives you plenty of options if you want to get the most out of your fishing. A lot of fishing firms sell few models and the models don’t vary among themselves. The PENN Spinfisher V is different. It really allows you to pick a model that suits your specific needs perfectly. The models range from 3500 all the way up to 10500. Each model has a bigger maximum drag and line capacity. The higher versions are more suitable for heavier and bigger baits, and the smaller ones are better for small fish. Of course, the price also increases with the model number. This is expected because the reels get bigger and stronger with each model. The heaviest model can really tackle some big saltwater fish.

The reel also comes in two styles – regular and live liner (the LL option).

Penn Spinfisher V Review and Features:

Sturdy build

The main mission in making the PENN Spinfisher V was to make it sturdy and durable. It is constructed in a way that it will withstand a lot of pressure and damage. If you buy this reel, it is probably the only one you’ll ever have to buy. It is difficult to damage it and it will last for decades. It has a full metal body and sideplate. The main shaft is stainless steel.

Durability design

This reel was made with durability in mind. It was made to last you a lifetime. The problem is that saltwater tends to destroy equipment quickly. This is why the company took extra care to make the reel last even in those conditions. They implemented a Water Tight Design with between 6 and 9 seals. The seals are used to keep the water out from the crucial parts of the machine. The drag system is also sealed, so you can be sure it will last a long time.

Backing is not needed

This reel gives you the added benefit of not having to have mono or fluorocarbon backing. This is because there is a rubber gasket which holds the superline so it doesn’t slip. So if you’ve ever had problems filling the spool, this will make it much easier. And it will also make the process faster because the reel line lay is amazingly even. There are many costlier reels that lack this functionality.


The Spinfisher V is equipped with 5 bearings. These are made from high-quality stainless steel. They are part of the reason why this reel is so durable. They keep it working smoothly every time.


The Spinfisher V produces three-washers drag output with just two. The pressure of the drag of this reel progresses slowly. It has a small threads pitch so you have to rotate it more times, when compared to other reels, if you want to achieve the same drag pressure.

Line Capacity Rings

If you want to know how much line you have left while at sea, now you can. There are three lines on the spool flange that will let you know where you are with your line.


With all this being said, you are probably wondering what the downsides are. Well, this reel is great, but it is not perfect. The reel is made with longevity and durability in mind. This means that some of the other aspects are a bit lacking. This is not the best reel in terms of drag systems. It also won’t give you an advantage if you want a reel that casts longer than others. When it comes to the Spinfisher V, performance is secondary. While it is decent when it comes to other aspects, durability is really the selling point.


If you are looking for a sturdy and durable reel, this is the right call. The Spinfisher V is amazing both for beginners and professionals. It is the only reel that is completely waterproof, and because of that it will last decades. When it comes to performance, this reel can only be called “good”. It does not excel in many features like drag or casting length. But it does not fall short either. The Spinfisher is a truly decent reel when it comes to performance and it excels in durability. And with the many models and sizes in play, you really have a choice. So if you want a reel that will give you a range of possibilities at a fair price, this is it. We hope you were able to make your final decision using our Penn Spinfisher V review!

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