Make Your Experience Exhilarating By Lubricating Your Fishing Reel Appropriately!

Fishing is an incredible experience for most of us! However, this stunning experience turns monotonous when you wait for hours and come back empty handed, as you either fail to catch any fish or the device shows faulty functioning. Most of the time you pacify yourself by saying that there would be no red fish, blue fish, sharks, or sea trouts in the water body but actually the issue is with our fishing reel that fails to catch any fishes because of the missing lubrication.

Fishing Reel

Fishing reel lubrication plays a vital role in making these recreational sports a more competitive one. Basically, the cylindrical device of fishing reel comes with a fishing rod that assists in winding and stowing line. However, in contemporary times, these reels are available in various types of fittings that aid in managing distance and accuracy along the retrieving line, and you can maintain them by lubricating the reel from time to time.

What Are The Clandestine Benefits Of Lubricating The Fishing Reel?

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Fishing reel lubrication has tremendous benefits. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Lubrication ensures that the fishing reel functions smoothly. No matter how smooth and polished any surface appears, it has many rough surfaces at microscopic level. Apart from that, asperities or minute peaks cling to the divergent surfaces creating friction in its functioning, which results in heat, and wear and tear. It thus makes the equipment work in a faulty manner; spoiling the entire fishing experience. On the other hand, lubrication boosts smoother operation and enhances the life of the equipment.
  • Fishing reel lubrication also safeguards the equipment. It prevents the surface of the components against rust and corrosion. It keeps the contaminants away by filtering them from the system without destructing the components.
  • Lubricating the fishing reel dissipates the heat and maintains the operational temperatures of the equipment.
  • The lifespan and efficiency increases multiple times and you can rely on your machinery for longer as it offers consistent performance.
  • It also saves the breakdowns of various expensive equipments that lead to failures due to minimal friction.
  • Your much precious time is saved as operations are uninterrupted and you do not require frequent time for maintenance and repair. It enhances productivity; thus, increasing the revenue potentials.

What Is The Process Of Lubricating The Fishing Reel?

Fishing Reel Lubricant

Items Required:

Maintenance of fishing reel augments the performance and the lifespan of the device. You will require a screwdriver, pliers, and pocket knife. Apart from that, it is mandatory that you buy eminent quality machine oil, which is devoid of wax, silicone, and any other kind of solid lubricant. These precautions will assist in preventing fishing reel from being clogged.

The Role Of Fishing Reel Cleaner Prior To Lubrication:

Fishing reel stays stain free when you keep grime and filth away from your reels and rod surfaces. It not only restores the original finish but inhibits the salt build up and the corrosion. Thus, reel cleaner should be applied prior to lubrication in order to make your gear function effectively.

How To Check If Lubrication Is Required?

First of all, determine how freely your reel spool spins. If the spool on spin casting reel spins minimally eight times while flicking fingers once on the reel spool, it’s an average performance! However, if it rotates minimally 12 times, it’s commendable! It is suggested that if your reel is showing a degraded performance, then you should get it lubricated.

How To Lubricate The Fishing Reel?

Fishing Reel Lubricant process

  • Separate the line spool from the fishing reel. This is necessary, because some lubricants already present in it can weaken the monofilament while making it brittle.
  • Thereafter, disband the reel after following the instructions provided in the manual. You can also place your order for a new copy from the manufacturer, if the manual is lost. While disassembling, ensure that you place all the parts of the fishing reel on a clean light-coloured towel, so that the parts are neither soiled nor lost. Remember, to keep all the parts in the same sequence as you removed them. In most of the cases, by turning the reel anticlockwise, you can remove the crank handle and the reel cover.
  • Now it’s time to apply fishing reel lubricant! Fishing reel lubricant is the fine machine oil whose droplets should be put on ball bearings through the gear drag mechanism. The droplets should be added carefully and slowly on steel spindle of the line spool as well as on the crank assembly. Remember, over lubrication may make the situation worse and only the suggested lubricant by the manufacturer should be used to experience the best results.
  • Now, it’s time to reassemble the fishing reel. The parts should be fixed in the reverse order in which they were removed. Then, join the line spool and assess your fishing reel’s performance for fluid movement.

The Quality Of Fishing Reel Lubricant:

  • An eminent quality of fishing reel lubricant has lighter viscosity which results in rotation of freer moving parts.
  • It has a decent anti-wear and its unique formulation exhibits intense molecular bond for specialised metal base.
  • Apart from that, rust or oxidation package is inbuilt with the lubricating oil.
  • Moreover, it serves an all purpose lubricant and you can use it on squeaky hinges, loosen or stuck bolts, raw metal in the garage, etc. The thinner the lubricant, better it is!
  • Such lubrications are imbibed with low friction polymers and have exclusive tackifiers.
  • Moreover, the lubricating oil also sticks to the applied parts firmly inhibiting migrations during drags and gears.

Tips And Warnings While Using Fishing Reel Lubricants:

  • Lubrication of the equipment should always be done in a properly ventilated area or under spaces. The place should be away from flames.
  • Most of the time, fishing is done in typical salt water which is the basic cause of corrosion. Hence, the reel should be rinsed with clean water after every fishing expedition. You should spray multi-purpose oil to inhibit rust formation. Otherwise, additional cleaning and lubrication of spool gears will become mandatory very often because of the frequent rinsing.
  • When you take good care of your fishing reel, it will in return take care of you as well! Most of the fishing veterans have followed the habit of lubricating the fishing reel after having bitter experiences. However, you can learn it without damaging your reel and making your fishing experience an overwhelming one.
  • Most of the fishing anglers do the reel maintenance only during off- season but you can do it whenever you feel that your equipment is causing hindrance in the expedition.


Remember, fishing reels have to bear significant abuse especially when you fish small mouthed basses and trouts. Furthermore, each time whenever you immerse your equipment even in fresh water, it washes out small quantity of grease and oil adding hard crud on it. Hence, if you want to keep your fishing reel in fantastic condition, then follow the guide stated above and you will surely have a magnificent fishing experience!

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