KVD Line And Lure: The Best Fishing Line Conditioner!

The KVD Line and Lure is a special treatment that should be applied to your fishing line for keeping it in good condition. Moreover, it prevents line memory that causes it to coil up after a reel has been kept unused for a very long time. The product is very easy to use and can help in preventing corrosion in the reel and restore line performance. Thus, it will reduce backlashes, twists, and tangles. Want to know some more benefits of using the KVD Line and Lure? Just keep reading!

Why Should You Use The KVD Line And Lure Conditioner?

KVD Line And Lure Conditioner

Non-Greasy And Easy To Use:

Does your line conditioner stays temporarily and makes your clothes and reels greasy? If yes, then you should try using the KVD Line Conditioner as it is an easy to use and non-greasy product. The 4 ounce bottle comes with a plastic pump nozzle, which helps in applying a coating of conditioner accurately on your spool of line. In case there is an overspray on the reel, then it can be easily wiped off with a soft cloth.

The KVD Line Conditioner does not have any oils, solvents, or silicone so it is absolutely non-greasy. Nothing will get onto your hands or inside the reel! Using the conditioner is super easy as you just need to spray on a clean cloth and run new line through it. A couple of sprays applied few hours before fishing will ensure that you have completely soft and castable line.

Longer Casting:

The KVD product is made up of a blend of polymers that provides a nice silky feel to the line. This makes the line suppler and softer. The polymer can also repel moisture as it is hydrophobic. This will reduce friction and resistance during the cast; thus, improve your distance.

Reduces Backlashing:

KVD Line And Lure product

Backlashes usually occur when you cast hard and your spool overruns your cast. Another reason for backlashes is when you get a kink in your line and it causes a blow up inside your spool. The KVD Line Conditioner makes your line smoother so you can dial back your cast strength a bit. This will reduce the risk of backlashing. Moreover, smoother line reduces kink too!

Decreases Memory And Line Twist:

You are supposed to apply the conditioner and let it dry for some time. Once dried, you will notice that there is less memory in the line. This happens as the conditioner is made up of a special blend of polymers, which smoothens the surface. Less memory leads to reduction in line twist! Spinning reels usually face the problem of line twist, so using the KVD Line Conditioner makes life simpler.

Enhances Life Of Fluorocarbon:

Usually anglers do not prefer using Fluorocarbon line as it is pretty stiff in the beginning. Moreover, the stiffness enhances with time and makes it difficult to catch. However, a few sprays of KVD Conditioner can increase the life of Fluorocarbon and enhance its overall performance.

Apt For Saltwater Fishing:

Saltwater fishing can have a bad impact on your fishing rod and reel. So, protecting them is a necessity. The KVD’s saltwater formula has been designed specifically for harsh environments. It provides corrosion inhibitors, UV protection, and hydrophobic properties that can protect your rod and reels from getting rusted.

Can Be Used On Braid:

The KVD Conditioner works amazingly well on braided line too. Usually, the braid makes a distinct whine noise while reeling and casting. This noise is softened by using the conditioner. Also, the polymer coating provides same effect on braid line as compared to other lines. The coating even keeps dirt and junk away from fouling up the braid fibers.

Prevents Hooks And Tools From Rust:

If you open your equipment box after a long time, you will come across rusted hinges and tools. This will certainly cause frustration as the hooks and tools need to be swapped out. However, by using the KVD Conditioner on a regular basis, you can prevent the tools and hooks from getting rusted.

Can Clean Lenses Too:

The KVD Conditioner can effectively clean fish finder screens and lenses too. The product reduces the formation of water spots and maintains sun glare reduction. You can similarly use it for fishing sunglasses and keep the optics sharp.

How To Use The KVD Conditioner To Aid In Casting?

KVD Line And Lure with nozzle

  • Always shake the bottle well before use.
  • Spray it onto the line, spool, and guides.
  • Then, let it dry.
  • Reapply, if required.

Some Important Aspects Of The KVD Line And Lure Conditioner:

KVD Line And Lure

  • Always allow the first application of the conditioner to dry completely before use.
  • Do not use the conditioner on line that has been previously treated with some other type or brand of conditioner. This is because the presence of other oily conditioners will adversely affect the performance of KVD.
  • It does not contain polluting petroleum distillates that are commonly found in other conditioners so you can use it with confidence!
  • The KVD Line and Lure is an environmental friendly, safe, and non-toxic product.
  • You can use the product on the interior of tackle boxes and on everything else in the box.
  • The hinges and drawers of the box can be lubricated well with the KVD conditioner.
  • Its anti-corrosive guard will help in protecting the pliers, hooks, and all other metal items of your home from rusting.
  • It can help in keeping confined areas of your home free of odor for weeks.
  • The conditioner adds a dust repelling and scratch resistant coating to all plastic surfaces.
  • Add a coating of the conditioner on sunglasses, instrument panels, windshields, fish finder screens, etc. to help reduce glare and minimize water spotting.

Final Word:

The Line and Lure Conditioner is a popular product that has been developed by Kevin VanDam who is a top pro money winner in professional bass fishing. The product is guaranteed to improve casting distance and line control. By using KVD Line and Lure Conditioner, you will notice that your line remains more supple. This will give you better casting control and less backlashes. Moreover, it will enhance the lifespan of your line. The conditioner does not have any scent or oily residue. Aren’t these features good enough to tempt you to purchase the KVD Line and Lure Conditioner? If you enjoy fishing, then buy this product today!

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