Kayak Cart: How To Choose

Kayak cart

Why do you need a kayak cart?

Very often it is impossible to approach the river or pond close enough to immediately lift the kayak out of the car to the water. In most cases, it is necessary to drag a kayak on yourself more than 300, 500 or even 1000 feet. There are also cases when it is impossible to bypass some area of the river on the water and it is necessary to pull the kayak out to the land and drag it again on a rather large distance.

To facilitate this task, there are specially designed carts for transporting kayaks and canoes by land. You just need to put your kayak on the cart, fix it with special straps or there are kayak carts with a plug-in feature and then you can drag it to the water on any surface without any effort.

Thanks to the cart, you can be sure that your kayak will be secure and stable. So you can go through the woods and reach the desirable fishing point. The kayak cart will make your fishing experience much easier and more enjoyable.

How to choose a kayak cart?

Choice of kayak cart

Though it may seem that there is nothing difficult in a choice of a kayak cart but it is not so. In fact, the kayak cart is a rather important fishing gear. So it is necessary to consider some details and features when making your choice in order not to be disappointed.

Size and material of wheels

Since the main goal of the cart is to carry your kayak, it is essential to choose the right wheels. Good tires are important to save your kayak from potential damages when transporting it for long distances.

Think about the environment where you are going to use the kayak cart. The type of wheels will greatly depend on it.

So what are the most popular tires for the kayak cart?

Plastic tires

These are the most popular tires for kayak carts. Due to the fact that such tires are lightweight, the cart is easy to carry. Another advantage of plastic tires is that they don’t become flat. It is a breeze to drag such wheels on the paved terrain but you may have problems on a sandy surface, especially if you have a narrow cart.

In addition, plastic is rather cheap material, so the price of such kayak cart will be relatively inexpensive.

Pneumatic tires

Pneumatic tires are also good for kayak carts. They are air filled and feature air pressure system that you can regulate for the most comfortable ride on different surfaces. It will be quite easy to drag the cart on rough terrains as well as sandy beaches. Despite these advantages, the pneumatic tires can become flat and if the pressure seal fails, you will probably throw away the wheels since you will not be able to pump the tires.

Foam filled tires

Foam filled tires are suitable for any surface. They are a good choice since there is no risk of flat tires. Unlike the pneumatic tires, it is impossible to regulate the air pressure. However, it’s not a deal breaker since foam filled tires are durable. But on the other hand, such wheels are more expensive compared to the plastic and pneumatic tires.

Balloon tires

This type of tires is not very popular for kayak carts but they have one undeniable advantage – they are the best option for a sandy surface. So some anglers prefer the balloon tires. But if you are going to use the cart on rough rocky terrains, then you shouldn’t choose these tires. They can easily become flat. And one more drawback is that the balloon tires are quite expensive.

As for the size, it is advisable to choose large wheels, especially if you have a big kayak. So the principle is the following: the larger, the better. It will be easier to push such cart on rough terrains.


Kayak cart frame

Since you will carry your kayak cart to places where it can be exposed to water, you should choose a corrosion-resistant frame.

The frame must be durable to withstand heavy loads. As for the materials, it is better to consider aluminum and stainless steel frames.

Adjustable width

There are kayaks of various sizes. So if you are going to have a cart for kayaks with different widths, it will be better to choose a kayak cart with an adjustable width. So you will not need to buy a few carts for your kayaks.

Kayak carts with a plug-in feature

Plug-in cart

Such carts are plugged into the scupper holes of the kayak. The sit-on-top kayaks have the scrapper holes on the tank-well or in the seat area. You can install it by yourself following the instructions in the manual.

It is necessary to note that some plug-in carts have very small scupper holes. Therefore, you should choose the cart that will fit in your kayak. Consider which carts are suitable for specific kayaks because some of them are easily adjustable and others are not adjustable for other brands.

Strapped kayak carts

Types of kayak carts

Strapped kayak carts allow you to hold your kayak firmly during transportation. You need to place your kayak with straps over the roof rack of the cart. There are different versions of such carts. For example, you can find carts with built-in straps and separate straps to attach your kayak. Carts with separate straps allow you to place the kayak wherever you want on over the cart.

Keep in mind that you may need 2 straps to connect the kayak firmly since the straps can become loose.

End carts

End cart

End carts are used to place your kayak on the rear side. Such carts are convenient to use and they give you a possibility to attach the kayak without straps. However, if you have a wide kayak, end carts may not be suitable. So check compatibility of the carts and kayaks.


Expensive kayak carts don’t always mean the best ones. Consider your budget and all above-mentioned criteria. You can get quality and budget-friendly kayak carts on Amazon. It is the best place to find carts at a reasonable price.

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