How To Get Rid Of Fish Smell Off Your Hands And Surroundings?

Most of us love fish but when its stinking smell sticks to our hand, it makes many devoted fish eaters stay away from cooking or eating it on a regular basis. Many times, the guests notice its smell as soon as they make their entry in.

As you have caught few fishes from the sea shore or lakes, the iconic smell will remind you of your success. However, your family and friends may not prefer being a part of your hobby by shaking hands because of its foul smell. Most of the times, the smell lingers in the hands for long and you keep scrubbing but the smell does not go away!

If you are facing the same situation then you are in luck! In this post you will come across some wonderful solutions to solve your stinking problem. Some of the professional chefs have figured out several remarkable solutions where you can cook the fish and enjoy eating it without having any stench in your hands.

What Is The Reason Of Stinking Fish Smell?

Frankly speaking, a fresh fish does not smell much. However, when you un-wrap a raw fish and find it to be stinking then it indicates that the fish is not a fresh one. Moreover, most of the fishes stink while cooking, irrespective of them being fresh or stale. The method used for cooking fish also decides the amount of massive odor. So, ensure that you cook accordingly!

Fish species like Crappie, Bass, and Bream have natural mucus coatings that keep them safe from bacteria and infections. This natural mucus or slime is accountable for the bad odor. Moreover, smaller fishes like Bait also have bad smell. The bacteria in the flesh of the dead fish have trimethylamine oxide that increases when exposed to air. This is the reason dead fishes smell faster.

Listed Below Are Some Important Aspects To Consider While Cooking Fish So That It Does Not Stink Much:

cooking fish

  • Fish smells a lot when it is fried. However, cooking the fish after wrapping it in foil paper creates lesser odors.
  • Cleaning experts suggest that the odor can be neutralized by soaking the fish in milk. It can also be soaked in the solution of lemon and water.
  • If you think that the raw fish has already started smelling, as if you are standing in a fish market, then take a mixture of vinegar and water and bring them to boil for several minutes. It will make you get rid of the stinking smell. You can even consider adding cinnamon and lavender sticks as it can make the atmosphere furthermore pleasant.
  • Ensure that all the doors and windows are open while you are cooking fish. Good ventilation can help in reducing the smell. Throw away the trash of fish bits to abstain from the lingering odor.
  • If nothing works, bake some dessert at home as it will bring a sweet scent and make everyone forget the fishy odor.

How To Keep Your Hands Free Of The Fish Odor?

Stainless Steel Naturally Eliminates The Strong Foul Odor Of Fishes:

Sulfur is accountable for foul smell. It forms compound with stainless steel while neutralizing the stinking smell. When it is blended with stainless steel, it assists stainless steel from catching rust. There are few types of bars available on the market that are made up of stainless steel and when you rub your hands with them like washing hands with a regular bar or soap, you can make your hands free of the smell. The bar can be used with or without water.

Balance The Smell By Using Some Chemicals:

There are several products in the kitchen that have odor fighting potentials. Few of these products have their own aroma or fragrance. Some of them work on fish smell while others do not! The most effective items available in the kitchen are:

  • Lemon Juice
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Mineral Oil

Lemon Juice And Vinegar:

lemon juice n vinegar

They are one of the cheapest products that have the ability to dissolve slimy substance. Both of them mixed together can replace the foul smell with their strong scent. However, both lemon juice and vinegar can dry your hands so it is necessary to apply little moisturizer, so that the dryness can be fixed.

Baking Soda And Mineral Oil:

Baking soda mixed with mineral oil can also help in eliminating the stinking smell. A mixture of both of them is known as slow deodorizer. They bind with the fish oils and counterbalance the smell. You can even use mineral oil for making the fish cutting board fresh and clean.

Baby Wipes:

baby wipes

These are cheap, effective, and miraculous parenting material that are adept in neutralizing foul odors. You can make use of them to clean your hands, knives, rods, and other surfaces.

Abrasive Cleaners:

Since the slime of the fish gets transferred into your skin, soap fails to work on the stinking odor! However, by using abrasive cleaners, you can get rid of the stinking odor. A few abrasive cleaners that you can use are mentioned below:

  • Gojo Orange Soap
  • Liquid Pumice Style Soap
  • Soap Stones
  • Toothpaste


Among these abrasive products, toothpaste is one of the finest items to use. It cleans the bacteria from the teeth by rubbing them off. It has the ability to rub the skin cells off from the hands too. You can mix toothpaste with baking soda and scrub it on your skin. Then, rinse it with clean water. You have to follow the same procedure as you wash your hands off with soap and water. This will make your hands smell fresh.

Here Are Some More Tips To Follow To Get The Fish Smell Off Your Hands:

  • Take a fresh lemon and cut it into wedges. After handling the fish, take the juice of the fresh lemon and rub it on both hands, then wash it with water. You can even use bottled lemon juice if fresh lemon is not available.
  • You can apply liquid hand sanitizer on your hands and rub until it becomes dry. Ensure that you do not apply hand sanitizer or lemon juice on wounded areas or open cut otherwise it will create a burning sensation.
  • Rub toothpaste on your hands and rinse it with water.
  • There are many de-fishing soaps available in the market that are specialized in neutralizing the unpleasant odor. Wash your hands with it and you are ready to go.
  • You can also use surgical spirit to make your hands smell free.
  • Use Head and Shoulder intensive treatment shampoo to wash your hands. Any type of smell, whether it is the smell of raw fish, catfish, or the smell of stinking bait that is lingering on your hands will go away instantly.
  • Rubbing vinegar on the hands makes you get rid of the smell from your hands.
  • After having fish for dinner, mix some water and lemon juice in a bowl. Give it to each family member or friend, whoever is having meal with you. Once they finish washing their hands in the bowl, provide them a towel to wipe their hands.

lemon bowl

Handling fish in any way; whether it is cleaning, cooking, gutting or while enjoying a sumptuous meal can spoil the fun due to its odor. Now that you know the various methods to get the fish smell off your hands; use them and have a pleasant experience.

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