Essential Information On How to Cut Braided Fishing Line!

Braided fishing line is popularly known for its remarkable benefits like eminent fishing line knots, lack of stretch, and strength based on diameter. It is made up of natural fibres like cotton and linen and man -made fibres like Dacron, Spectra etc. High resistance to abrasion and outstanding breaking strength are some more significant facets of braided fishing lines.

This is the reason that cutting fishing lines with any simple tool is next to impossible! However, there are some specialised tools that are available on the market, which can be bought from specific fishing stores to serve the purpose. Complete information on these tools and much more is discussed in this article. So, if you do not know how to cut braided fishing line, then keep reading!

Common Characteristics Of Cutting Devices:

snips fishing

  • Sharp blades: Dull scissors or blunt rusty side cutters are pointless to use as they merely squeeze the fibres. Since braids are made up of multiple strong fibres knitted together, using blunt blade leaves a frayed end. Hence, you should always make use of sharp blades.
  • Firm and durable cutting edge: Hard cutters with sharp blades should only be used for cutting braided fishing lines; otherwise, synthetic fibres will make the edges dull while wearing down the metal.
  • Precision: Short and sharp blades slice a braided line much explicitly. No brutal force is required to trim the knots with precision. Remember, a very long tag end can grab the rod guides while making the knot fail. On the other hand, huge bulky scissors makes the trimming of the knots highly difficult.

Some Popular Types Of Cutting Tools:

Scissors, snips, ceramic blades, and side cutters are the primary types of braid cutting tools. These are easily available in most of the stores. It’s safer to keep one set in the boat and the other one in the fishing backpack so that they can be used whenever needed. Remember, they all need to be sharp and checked before you venture out for fishing. This is highly important as exposure of the atmospheric elements and fishing in saltwater creates wear and tear.

Characteristics Of Ceramic Blades:

Ceramic bladed scissors

There are many products available that are innovatively designed to tackle challenges effectively. Ceramic bladed scissors are one such product that have short blade design and are compact and useful. The biggest advantage of ceramic cutters is that they stay sharp, are rust proof, durable, and are purely safe for anglers. The rounded tips of ceramic blades make it safe for carrying too. These blades have become a universal tool for amateur and professional anglers who often work with braided lines.

Characteristics Of Side Cutters:

Side Cutters fishing

The biggest advantage of fishing line cutters over knives, pliers, scissors, and other conventional tools is that these are easy to use. The cutters are small, compact, sharp, and can be carried effortlessly. Furthermore, they can be easily slipped into your pant pockets. They are known globally for their reliability as they can cut even the strongest fishing line braids with minimum efforts.

Most of them are made up of excellent corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades, which can slice even the toughest braids easily. Nowadays, specialised cutters with inbuilt retractable table are available on the market, which are specifically designed for saltwater fishing. Hence, heavy duty fishing line braids cutting is done easily with the help of this tool. Smooth and thorough cutting does not fray or tear the lines. Side cutters are usually seen on most of the fishing pliers.

Characteristics Of Micro Tip Scissors:

Micro Tip Scissors

The chief benefit of the micro tip scissors is that they provide an easy grip handle. The scissor opens easily as it is loaded with a spring handle and reduces the strain while cutting the braid. In freezing winters, when your hand gets frozen and fingers don’t move easily, cutting braid becomes much easier with this. Most of the scissors are coated with titanium and the short blades help in making precise cuts and trims.

Characteristics Of Snips:

snip cutting line

Snips are a small device that fits in the pocket of front jeans or shirts easily. It comes with a split ring that is joined with lanyard cord that can be retracted. The biggest advantage is that you can simply pull the snips with their PFD. Furthermore, cutting mechanism is jiffy and these are imbibed with ergonomic plastic housing. Instant squeezing on the sides and slicing is quick too.

Its blades are made up of stainless steel and are sturdy and sharp. Hence, cutting the braids is clean and quick with snips. The only disadvantage of these snips is that they may rust a little after being used in salt water.  Snips work quickly on the braids as they are designed to cut swiftly.

Method To Cut Braided Fishing Lines:

Cutting braided fishing line frustrates anglers who are new to super lines. If you are one of them, then read on! Mentioned below is an easy method that states appropriate tools and some relevant practice to trim the braids quickly, effectively, and efficiently.


  • Hold the knot or the primary line by one hand. Now, hold the tag end with the other hand.
  • Place your cutters/ scissors/ ceramic blade/ snips in proximity from where you want to make a cut.
  • Now, create little tension in the braid and then pull slightly on the tag end with the same hand as your primary line.
  • Thereafter, pull the braid down and snip on the place where the cutting blades meet. Do it smoothly.
  • In this way, you will get a short and clean tag end on the knot. If it’s finishing is not fine, probably your cutters are not up to mark. Ensure that your cutters meet the above specifications; otherwise you might need a brand new one.

Tips And Warning While Cutting A Braided Fishing Line:

  • It is recommended that whenever you make the purchase, it should be through fishing tackle store. Though it is available on general stores of the market but buying it through renowned fishing store is highly recommended.
  • While handling the braid cutting tool or cutting the fishing braid, proceed with caution.
  • Child anglers should not use the cutting tool without the guidance of their parents.
  • The biggest issue that most of the anglers face is with tying the knot. It is vital that the knot is always tied appropriately otherwise it may slip and could even open.
  • Palmor knots are good to go in most of the situations; however, if you are using an improved clinched knot, ensure to make at least seven wraps.
  • Make sure to leave a small tag end after finishing the knot. Don’t trim the ends too close to the knot. You may even put a drop of super glue so that it does not slip.
  • When you use a monofilament leader, braids are less visible to the fishes and hence they can be easily caught.


It is important to make yourself aware on the fundamental knowledge of cutting a braided fishing line. Now that you know how to cut braided fishing line; fishing will certainly become a memorable experience for you.

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