Effective Tips On How To Set Up A Baitcasting Reel!

In comparison to spincasting reels, baitcasting reels provide better control and accuracy while fishing. Moreover, it can perform much better than a spincasting reel. This is the reason why most anglers use baitcasting reel while bass fishing. However, some anglers complicate the use of baitcasting reel as they get frustrated of backlashes that occur when the reel is not setup properly. This usually happens for amateur anglers who have not yet learnt the art of casting a baitcaster efficiently.


With a baitcaster, the spool rotates as you cast. So, you need to have good amount of experience and skills for using baitcasting reels. Some anglers need to practice for the entire season so that they can use the reel effectively. If you too are in the learning phase then you should read this post till the end! In this article, you will know how to set up a baitcasting reel and some effective tips on fishing by using the baitcaster. So, let’s begin!

How To Set Up A Baitcasting Reel?

casting a reel

Selecting The Line:

As you are in the learning phase of how to cast baitcasting, it is advisable to use monofilament as the line. If you use braid or fluorocarbon, then it will only make things tougher. A 12 or 14lb monofilament line will be perfect for learning to cast reels. Using mono is much simpler than any other line. Monofilament will make it easier for you to untangle your line in case you get a backlash.

Reel The Line:

You need to reel the line in till your bait is 8” to 12” from the tip of the rod. However, if there is a bobber or sinker attached to the line, then it should be 8” to 12” from the rod tip in its place.

Grip The Reel:

Hold the rod, which is behind the reel with your thumb placed above the reel spool. Mostly, anglers cast by using the same hand with which they retrieve. So, while retrieving if you prefer holding the rod behind the reel then you should switch hands when you are casting the reel. Then, you need to turn the rod so that the reel handles point up. However, if you are casting with your opposite hand, then the handles should point down.

Press The Release Button:

An interesting feature of baitcasting reels is that they have a mechanism which helps in disengaging the reel spool from the handles. This feature will enable you to have longer casts. Most baitcasting models have a release button behind the spool, which should be pressed by using your thumb.

How To Set Up A Baitcasting Reel

Bend Your Casting Arm:

To have a correct positioning to send the line out, you are supposed to bend your casting arm at the elbow. When you do this, the crook of your arm will create a right angle. Ensure that you lift your rod till its tip goes a little past vertical.

Move The Rod Further:

You need to move the rod by making a 10 o’clock position till it reaches your eye level. Then, press on the reel spool by using your thumb. This is to be done to stop the bait when it reaches the target.

Here Are Some Tips And Tricks That You Need To Follow While Casting:

baitcasting reel

  • Do not use fluorocarbon as line because it is very stiff. Moreover, if you get backlashes then it will weaken and cause line breakage.
  • You should not use braid as line as it creates bad backlashes. You will end up cutting large pieces of line to make it useable again.
  • To have a better control over the flow of the line, you should rest your thumb at a slight angle on the spool.
  • Rather than purchasing a baitcasting reel online, it is advisable to visit your local fishing gear shop to buy it. Hold a few of them in your hand and buy the one that grips well and fits your fishing requirements. You will come across several baitcasting models, so research well on each of them and then select the best one. If you are interested in buying the older models, then you should try finding them at an antique shop. However, it is advisable for beginners to use the model with the newest technology as it can be used easily.
  • It is better to use heavier baits for baitcasting reel and light weighted baits for spincasting reel. So, depending on the reel that you carry for fishing, select the appropriate bait. By using a heavy lure such as big crankbait for baitcasting reels, you will be able to avoid backlashing.
  • Always carry some protective gumboots with you so that you remain protected from the cold water. Also, wear proper clothing while fishing so that the hooks do not get embedded in your skin accidently.
  • If you are an amateur angler then you should practice your casting techniques properly. You can do that away from water as well as on it. While practicing away from water, do it in an open area by using a metal sinker instead of bait. Ensure that the place where you are practicing does not have trees above as you will end up wasting a lot of time in retrieving your bait that may have got caught in the branches. Also, by practicing well you will be able to have a better control on your fishing rod.
  • Always be aware of your surrounding areas. You certainly want to have a relaxing fishing experience. So, ensure that there are not too many people around as you may accidently snag them with your bait.
  • Selecting a short fishing rod is always better than a longer one as it will give you more control.
  • Do not get discouraged by backlashes. Every angler gets backlashes in the beginning and occasionally later too, until they have mastered the skill of using the reel. Just keep practicing and you will be able to use the reel like a pro soon.

baitcasting reel with bait

To conclude, proper setup and good practice will ensure that your baitcaster delivers fewer backlashes. The latest technology found in baitcaster is much better than what was found 4-5 years ago. These reels cast easily as they are made up of high-quality components. So, buy a good reel by researching well. Now that you know how to set up a baitcasting reel like a pro, have a fun-filled fishing experience.

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