A Comprehensive Guide On Various Types Of Lures And How To Use Them!

Fishing lures or artificial baits are commonly used by anglers for catching fish. These lures are made up of various materials, sizes, shapes, and colors so that they attract fishes conveniently. Artificial baits makes fishing simpler! However, if you want to fish by using lures then you need to know the types of lures available for sale and the right techniques for using them. So, let’s begin!

Fishing with artificial lures is the best way to catch particular species of fishes. There are 7 main types of lures, which are mentioned below:


Jigs lures

Among the various types of lures, jigs are the most flexible ones. Moreover, they are inexpensive and can catch about any game fish. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. You can dress them as per your preference in features, hair, or bait.

You will require lot of concentration while fishing with jigs. The movement in the water by the jig has to be performed by you. If you do not move the jig, it will sink in the water. So, you are supposed to make it hop in various ways like big and small lifts, different speeds, etc. Keep experimenting until you find what works best in your situation. Moreover, you need to stay alert every time as it is difficult to detect the strike.


Spinners lures

Spinners are very easy to use; hence, they are mostly used by amateur anglers. A spinner is a metal shaft that has a spinning blade. You can either keep the hook bare or dress it up. They are a wonderful choice for using in murky or stained waters.

When the spinner is dragged through the water, it causes the blade to spin. This creates vibration and sound, which is picked up by various fishes. Using the Spinners is very easy and effortless. All you need to do is cast and retrieve. Depending on your preference, you can either slow down or speed up the process of retrieving.


Spoons lures

Traditionally, Spoons were curved metal lures; however, nowadays they are available in various sizes and colors. Most of the anglers prefer using them because of their distinctive shape. Its movement in the water imitates like an injured baitfish, which is a favorite among fishes so catching one becomes easy. So, using Spoons as lures makes fishing enjoyable!

There are various types of Spoons available on the market. Among them, some are made to be cast, while others are to be trolled and even jigged. However, the easiest amid the three are casting spoons. Using them is similar to spinner, where you need to cast and retrieve. Depending on your preference, you can increase or decrease the speed.


Plugs lures

Plugs are made up of hollow wood or plastic. These lures bear a resemblance to frogs, baitfish, and other creatures. They are hard bodied and can be fished at any depth. Some Plugs are created in such a way that they float in the water while others dive into it. Plugs are made in various designs and sizes. Some commonly used Plugs are jerkbaits, floating plugs, crankbaits, poppers, etc.

Each angler should have Plugs in their tackle box as it is one of the most effective lure. A commonly used Plug is a long and narrow lure, which resembles a minnow. Its length is approximately 4” and it floats when it is motionless and dives in the water when it is retrieved. Once casted, you should retrieve it by stopping suddenly and twitching occasionally.

Soft Plastic Baits:

Soft Plastic Baits

The soft plastic baits are commonly used for bass fishing. They include various varieties of lures, which are in the shape of worms. The soft plastic baits are created in such a way that they resemble real worms, lizards, frogs, etc. You may even come across plastic baits that do not bear a resemblance to a creature. These are commonly known as critters. As they are made up of soft plastic, the fish tends to hold on to them for a little longer duration before spitting them out. This will provide you some extra time to set the hook.

For using the soft plastic bait in shape of worm, you need to make use of the bullet weight. You have to tie the bullet weight above the hook and on the line. The next step is to insert the hook on the tip of the worm’s head. Then, cover the barb into the worm’s body in such a way that it does not get hung up on underwater plants. Once done, cast it and let it reach the bottom of the water body. Keep pulling the tip of the fishing rod for a few times.


Flies lures

Anglers who enjoy fly fishing make use of Flies as lures. Flies are available in various shapes and sizes which bear a resemblance to numerous stages of the life cycle of insects, baitfish, mice, leeches, frogs, etc. They are very light in weight because most of them are created by using feathers and furs. Nowadays, Flies are also made up of rubber and foam.

You will come across Dry Flies as well as Wet Flies. Among the two, Dry Flies float on the surface of the water body. It is important to dress them accordingly, so that they attract fishes. On the other hand, the Wet Flies are created in such a way that they can dive in the water.



The Buzzbaits look weird as they have a wire attached to the head body, which resembles a safety-pin. Similar to spinners, you can dress the body with a skirt and an arm. An easiest way to use Buzzbaits is by casting it out and retrieving it at a fair speed. Ensure that you keep the lure in the water at a depth that is between five feet and the surface.

Now that you know the different types of artificial lures available, you can pick an appropriate one depending on your preference as well as the water body where you are planning to fish. As compared to baits, lures are easier to use. Listed below are the pros and cons of using lures:

Pros Of Using Lures:

  • Lures are easy to use and do not create mess.
  • You can cover more water by using them.
  • Changing them is easy.
  • They gut hook fewer fishes.
  • It is best to be used while targeting specific species of fishes.

Cons Of Using Lures:

  • In comparison to bait, they are a bit expensive.
  • They can get stuck underwater in trees often and as they are expensive, losing them is painful.

To conclude, artificial baits are designed to attract the fish’s attention. While fishing in muddy water, you should use a bright colored lure to maximize visibility. Fishing with lures requires higher degree of skills. However, catching a fish on a lure is always satisfying. So, the next time you go fishing, try using artificial baits!

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