Comprehensive Guide On Selecting The Best Surf Casting Reel!

Are you planning to buy a surf casting reel and are unable to pick the best one among the plethora of reels available for sale? If the answer to this query is positive, then you have reached the right place! In this guide, some important factors have been mentioned, which you should consider before picking an appropriate surf casting reel.

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Surf casting reels are available with customized features and picking one among them is really cumbersome. This cylindrically shaped fishing gear will certainly make fishing entertaining and easy. It is one of the most important tools for fishing as it has to be connected to the fishing rod, which is then used for winding. So, read this guide carefully and then purchase the most suitable surf casting reel. To begin with, let’s find out the basics!

What Is Surf Casting?


Fishing from the beach or low-lying rocky shoreline is referred as surf casting. It is one of the most enjoyable things you can do on a vacation. The real thrill lies on waiting for something to bite while watching the waves. However, surf casting is not an easy sport, so you need to learn its techniques accurately before attempting to catch fish.

Anglers usually use very long rods while surf casting, which can be broken down into two to three pieces when not in use. Long rods are useful to provide enough power and leverage to throw the bait far away where the chances of getting a catch are higher. That said, let’s find out which surf casting reel is best to use!

How To Choose A Surf Casting Reel?

Surf casting reel

As there are innumerable surf casting reels available, you need to research well and pick the best one among them. Here are some features to consider before buying a surf casting reel.

Durable Body:

The most important factor to be considered while buying a surf casting reel is its body. The structure of the reel should be extremely durable and heavily-built. Always check the quality of materials that have been used for manufacturing the reel as they will determine its robustness.

Nowadays, most of the surf casting reels are made up of graphite or aluminum. Among the two, aluminum is tough and sturdy, which can help you to deal with wide range of circumstances. Graphite is extremely light in weight, which will avoid wrist fatigue.

You can select any of the two materials, depending on your personal preference. Anglers mostly prefer buying aluminum reels to use for freshwater fishing and graphite reels for saltwater fishing as they are more resistant to corrosion.

Corrosion Resistant:

Surf fishing is always done in saltwater bodies so the chances of your fishing reel getting corroded are extremely high. The build up of salt in the outer casing of the fishing reel will decrease its durability. So, you should pick a surf casting reel that can resist corrosion. Furthermore, it is vital to maintain and clean the reel properly to increase its lifespan.

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Ball Bearing:

An amazing fishing experience highly depends on the amount of ball bearings that are used in the reel. So, the number of ball bearings used in the surf fishing reel should be more as that will enhance its performance. The speed and strength of casts and retrieves can be determined by the amount of ball bearings that are used in the reel. However, reels with more ball bearings will be expensive so you need to evaluate the options cautiously.

Sealed Bearings:

You should purchase the surf fishing reel that has gear systems and sealed bearings. It will be easier to use the reel that has watertight interiors and additional sealing. This will make them work efficiently and enhance its lifespan. Also, the fishing reel should be made up of high-quality materials so that it can withstand sand and saltwater.

Drag System:

There is a lot of potential for fishing in saltwater. You should purchase a surf fishing reel that has the capacity to handle various levels of weight and power. Ensure that the drag is strong and efficient so that it can withstand increased friction from a variety of species. The drag system should be so smooth that it helps you to let out additional line and ensures that the line does not break and cause you to lose your catch.


There are innumerable kinds of surf fishing reels available on the market that provide varied features. As the amount of features increase in a surf fishing reel, the price will increase too! You can consider buying brass made internals as they will have higher lifespan because they can withstand harsh conditions. Some reels have front drag systems, which are more robust and dependable as compared to the rear drag systems.

It is important to check minute details and then buy a robust and appropriate surf fishing reel that can boost your fishing experience. A bit of research will certainly help you to pick the best surf fishing reel for an affordable price.

Listed Below Are Some Tips To Follow While Buying A Surf Casting Reel:


  • Always buy reels that match with the weight of your fishing rod. This will ensure that you have a good hold while casting, retrieving, or fighting a fish.
  • Maintain your reel well to enhance its durability and prolong its life. You should rinse it with fresh water after every fishing trip and then dry it completely before storing.
  • Read and follow the details mentioned on the package regarding preserving your surf fishing reel.
  • Depending on the place where you will go fishing and the type of fish you are going to catch, pick the reel accordingly.
  • The expensive reels provide amazing features and deliver outstanding performance too.
  • Amateur anglers are advised to purchase reel and fishing rod together. This is because both have a different working pattern and buying them separately will require complete knowledge in each of them.
  • Always select the size of the reel depending on the weight of the line you plan to use. Lighter the weight of the line, smaller the reel should be!
  • Periodically, remove the spool and handle to lubricate the moving parts of the reel. This will ensure that your reel works smoothly.


Now that you know the important aspects to consider while buying a surf casting reel, picking one will be easy! So, buy the right reel and have an enjoyable fishing experience.

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