A Comprehensive Guide On Choosing And Maintaining Spinning Reels!

Globally, spinning reels are the lifeline of the fishermen! Their versatility and easy to use feature makes them ideal for wide range of baits and long distance casting; thereby inhibiting them from backlash. The varied sizes of reels can be bought for catching small, lightest pound test, line pan fishes to heavy-duty line trolling or surf casting.

However, anglers often wonder whether they will be able to pick the most eminent quality of fishing reel, and if its maintenance is possible at home! If you too are facing a similar situation, then read this article till the end. Here, all your queries related to spinning reels will be solved!

How To Choose The Elite Quality Spinning Reels?

Spinning Reel

  • For continuous casting and retrieving purposes, it is always advisable to choose high gear ratio reels over low gear ratio reels. If budget is the constraint, pick medium speed gear ratio in the range of 4:1 to 5:1.
  • Furthermore, the number of ball bearings in a reel also has a great role in its smooth functioning! However, it is not always the case as some fishing reels are made up of cheap bearings which get corroded easily. Make sure that a minimum of four bearings are present in your reel.
  • It’s highly recommended that the reel is equipped with anti-reverse locking handle as it prevents from spinning backwards. It hooks the fish well and you don’t lose the trap.
  • Last, but the most important advice for the fishermen is to apply the tension while loading the spool with the fishing line to purge tangles during casting. Never overfill the fishing reel; instead leave 1/8th inch of space at the end of the spool.

General Care Required For The Spinning Reel!

fishing rod

The reel should always be kept absolutely free of sand and dirt. Moreover, storing it in a dust-free environment or keeping it in protective covered equipment ensures its longevity. Lubricate your reel sparingly, and by using the oil that has been suggested by the experts. If low-quality lubricants are used, then they may clunk up over time. This will ruin the equipment and prevent smooth casts and retrieves.

Maintenance Of The Spinning Reel!

Spinning Reels

Primarily, choose the best spinning reel by surfing through the websites and referring the product reviews of your fishing rod. For its long lasting life, ensure that you take proper care of the reel and maintain it well. Remember; precision, patience, and genuine efforts are must for its cleaning, maintenance, and long life! To know more, go through the helpful tips and tricks that are mentioned below to prolong the life of your spinning reel.

Items Required For Appropriate Maintenance:

  • Cotton swabs
  • Alcohol
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Old Toothbrush
  • Hot water
  • Soft Rags
  • Cleaning compounds like Simple Green
  • Lubricants like spinning reel oil

Step-By-Step Process:

Before you start reel cleaning or its repair, have all the appropriate tools handy. Gather all the supplies as it make your job smooth; thereby saving precious time. You would not have to leave your seat again and again after disassembling, while looking for the tools. In this way, you not only retain things but also minimise the chance of losing the spare parts.

Disassemble The Fishing Reel Appropriately:

Maintenance Of The Spinning Reel

Patience is the key while disassembling the reel. Prepare the notes as in what order all the spare parts were fit together and where you have kept them after detaching. In case you find any issues, read the owner’s manual or go through online videos. This will ensure that all the parts are put in place and back together without applying undue force to open the reel. None of the parts are damaged too, by using this technique. A significant step that newbie can do is to number each of the disassembled part. It will also ensure that you reassemble the reel in the correct order even if you have failed to remember the right location.

Cleaning The Spinning Reel:

  • You should take special care while cleaning the reel. Always use eminent quality abrasives instead of the one that is overly used. Using any towels or sponges may deteriorate the finish of the reel; thus, damaging its delicate parts from inside.
  • Furthermore, another significant tip to keep in mind is that you should not touch a metal part with another as it can make its surfaces rough. Spinning reels are designed in such a way that they touch only the fibre part and not the metal one.
  • Always hold the metal clips or the wires that are inside the spinning reel with the help of tweezers. It inhibits the tiny and delicate parts from flying in the air and vanishing.
  • Never employ any gasoline based products while cleaning the spinning reel as it can smash up the parts while disturbing the inner workings of the spinning reel. Biodegradable solution is the best way to clean the reel. Use a tooth brush as it keeps the parts on its place while preventing damage.
  • Grease and oil are two important aspects for undergoing the cleanliness and maintenance of the spinning reel. Special lubricants/ oils are available in the market or online stores and they make the functioning of the gears and bearings as new. These lubricants are a ‘must’ if you use your fishing reel very often.
  • Prior to removing the spool, you should separate the fishing line. This step restrains the fishing line from being stuck. It also prevents the delicate parts from getting damaged during the cleaning process.

Some Other Tips To Follow For Cleaning A Spinning Reel:

Spinning reel with rod

  • Always buy lubricant or oil with lighter viscosity and apply only one drop of it at a time. Excessive oil may damage the reel’s movement. Grease should be applied from bottom and not through the top of the reel.
  • Light fluid should be used for cleaning the dirt in the bearings. Rocket fuel is also advisable to serve the purpose.
  • Safeguard your fish line prior to removing the spool, otherwise the line gets ambushed in the mid of the spool and frame, and their separation becomes almost impossible.
  • Clean the drags located at the centre of the spool.
  • Rinse off the reel with fresh water.


Reassembling becomes easier if labelling of the parts with numbers is done. Fit the parts back in the same reverse order as you have removed them. After reassembling, clean the outside of the reel gently with the help of alcohol. This step is extremely important if you do fishing frequently in salt water. It’s because salt is chiefly accountable for corrosion on the outer part of the fishing reel, especially if it is not meant for saltwater fishing.


To conclude, if the minute components of the spinning reel are cleaned appropriately and offered regular maintenance and care, then it can enable better performance without increasing the expenses. Depending on the type and the brand of the spinning reel, the cleaning process may be a bit less or more. You can know more about it by checking the instruction manual provided at the time of purchase of the device. Remember, proper care and maintenance can save the spinning reel and make it last for more than ten years. Now that you know how to maintain a spinning reel, keep all your reels properly preserved.

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