Common Myths That Are Making You Apprehensive To Buy A Fish Tank!

Are you attracted to aquariums but are hesitant to have one for your home? Do you feel managing and maintaining an aquarium will be a tough task? If the answer to both these queries is in affirmative, then you are at the right post! In this article, some of the common myths about keeping aquariums at home have been covered. These myths can ruin a wonderful hobby of keeping fishes in aquarium. So, read them carefully and by the end of the post you might consider getting an aquarium for your home!

Changing Water In Fish Tanks:


A common myth is that you need to change water in the fish tank everyday! However, this can be highly dangerous for your cute little fishes. The water in the tank should be ideally changed every week and that too in instalments. You should never change the entire amount of water at a single time. This can actually kill your fish. Fishes always prefer staying in the same environment. This is the reason when you buy fishes; you bring some of the water too.

Moreover, if you have a filtration system in your aquarium then you can change 30% – 40% of the water once in a month. The most important reason for not changing water often as well as entirely is that the bacteria available in the water will help the fish to survive.

Maintaining The Aquarium Is Expensive:

Aquarium does not require much maintenance and is absolutely cost effective. Moreover, the bigger the fish tank, the easier it will be for you to maintain. To maintain a fish tank, the possible expenses that you will come across are filtration, lighting, and fish food. So, it is absolutely easy and inexpensive to have a beautiful aquarium at home.

Buying A Small Tank:

fish bowl

Most of the people interested in having an aquarium at home believe that they should start with their hobby by purchasing a small tank. However, this is absolutely false! In fact, it is much easier to manage a bigger tank in comparison to a smaller tank. Fishes enjoy living in huge areas, so buying a small fish bowl is a very bad idea. As there is very less space to move around, fishes can die easily. Moreover, water of small tanks need to be changed often in comparison to large tanks.

Removing Algae From Fish Tank:

Another myth is that it is tough to remove algae from the fish tanks. However, this is incorrect! All you need to do is purchase an algae pad, which is easily available in most pet shops. The algae formed inside the tank has to be wiped off with the help of the algae pad. However, if you are finding difficulty in wiping off algae, then you can gently scrub the glass by using a clean and stiff bristled brush. Never use a sharp blade for scraping and cleaning the glass!

Cleaning Bacteria From The Aquarium:

fish tank

Bacteria will mostly be formed on sand or gravels. To remove them from gravel you need to hold the siphon hose for about 1 cm above the surface of the gravel. Then, you need to run your fingers gently through the tiny stones. The decorations in the aquarium can also be cleaned easily! Just remove them from the tank and soak them in a tough cleaning solution. Always follow the instructions provided in the booklet of cleaning solutions. Remember to wear proper protective gloves and eyewear as these solutions can be dangerous.

Filling The Fish Tank With Plenty Of Fishes:

It is certainly not okay to fill your fish tank with lots of fishes! Fishes require sufficient amount of oxygen to breath otherwise they will suffocate and die. Moreover, their waste needs to be diluted and processed otherwise they will poison themselves with it. The amount of water available in the fish tank has a fixed capacity to handle both these requirements. So, it is necessary that you do not overcrowd your aquarium by adding plenty of fishes. Also, you should not keep very few fishes in the tank!

Some Tips To Follow For Having A Healthy Aquarium For Your Fishes:


  • The fishes that are for sale in the aquarium cannot survive in the natural surroundings. They are not used to hunting for food or hiding from predators. So, do not ever think of putting them back into the river or lake as they won’t be able to survive.
  • Catfish do not eat the faeces of fish and are not hunters too! So, do not be under the impression that Catfish will help in keeping the water in your fish tank clean and clear.
  • Fishes will not be able to get enough oxygen from a dirty tank. The amount of grime and dirt in the tank will reduce oxygen. So, clean it regularly.
  • Cleaning the outside of the glass is as important as cleaning the inside of the glass. This is because when the outer portion of the glass is clean, you will be able to watch your fishes well and monitor their living conditions.
  • You need to purchase fishes after researching well on them as all fishes do not like living together. For instance, the Betta fish does not like sharing their tanks with other fishes. So, if you are buying them, then you need to purchase a separate Betta tank for these beauties.

betta fish

  • Always purchase a good quality fish tank as if it breaks then it can injure the fishes. A fish tank with shatter-resistant glass will always be a good choice to purchase.
  • There are different shapes of aquariums available on the market like round bowls, horizontal, vertical tanks, bow front tanks, etc. Depending on the place where you are thinking to keep the fish tank, you should pick a shape of your preference.
  • Keep a check on the temperature of the water in your fish tank. Some tanks even include a heater, which is apt for people who live in cold areas. However, ensure that you check the temperature that your fishes require and then maintain it accordingly in the tank.
  • You do not have to change the filter media every month. Only change it when it is literally falling apart in your hands. If you change it frequently, then your fishes will be exposed to toxic chemicals regularly, which will certainly be harmful for them.
  • Many people may tell you that your fish tank needs to sit for a week before you add fishes to it. However, this is absolutely wrong! Commonly referred as cycling or setting the tank, it is an unnecessary part of setting up your aquarium. Always remember that the fish tank cannot actually start to cycle unless you add fishes to it.

All in all, fish tanks are absolutely easy to maintain and can be a good addition to your home. Now that all the misconceptions on how to clean and manage a fish tank have been sorted out, it is time for you to bring a beautiful fish tank for your home!

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