Catfish Fishing Tips That Will Enhance Your Fishing Experience!

Catfish often seem hungry and are eager to bite, which makes them a favorite among anglers. Catching them is easy and fun; irrespective of the fact that you are an amateur or a professional angler. They are found in abundance in many water bodies and grow into very large and beautiful species. Although catching more number of catfish is quick, but it is necessary to realize that it not very easy to get hold of one.

You may end up spending various hours waiting for a single catch. However, if you use the right tactics, then you can get hold of one within an hour. So, are you ready to know some wonderful tricks and tips to catch catfish easily and quickly? Read on the below-mentioned tips that will make you successful in catching a catfish, the next time you go fishing.

Some Effective Catfish Fishing Tips:

Use The Right Bait:

The favorite food of catfish is smaller fishes so if you are planning to catch a catfish then you should use fish baits. You can consider buying goldfish, minnows, or sunfish from the bait shop. However, ensure that the bait is freshly caught. Some species of Catfish only eat fishes that are alive, so for them you need to use live fish as bait. You may even consider using fresh chicken liver or shrimps as bait.

Let The Hook Remain Exposed:

Many anglers come across situations when they cannot hook catfish that bite. The simple reason for this is the hook point is not left exposed. There are some anglers who believe that the hook must be hidden otherwise catfish will avoid the bait. However, the truth is that catfish does not know what a hook is, so if you do not want to miss lots of catfishes, you should leave the hook points exposed. This may lead to a few lost hooks and baits, but it is certainly going to enhance your catches.

Go Fishing For The Entire Year:

A common myth is that you should go catfishing only in hot summer season. However, the truth is that you can catch cats even in fall, spring, and winters. Some species of catfish like the blue cats feed actively even during winters when the water temperature is at a freezing point. Channel cats bite almost for the entire year and this is the reason that ice fishing anglers catch them often. The only time when it’s difficult to catch catfish is when they are spawning. So, other than this period, you should go fishing for catfish all year round.

Still-Fish From Shore:

Catching catfish is easier as you can still-fish from the bank or by sitting in a stationary boat. However, ensure that you set up at a place where action is the best. Some areas where there are high chances of catching cats are below a river dam or junction of two rivers. You can even try your luck by fishing near fallen trees at the head of a deep pool.

Select The Right Time:

The best time to catch catfish is when the water is muddy or discolored. Clear waters with lot of sunlight makes catfish move to the security of darker and deeper waters. So, at that time they are more difficult to find. If you can go for fishing at night, then you will be able to get good catches. Another alternative is to fish early in the mornings just before sunrise. Typically, their feeding activity is best during that time so you will certainly be able to hook and land more fish.

Keep Moving:

If you are unable to get a good catch within 30 minutes, then it’s time to move on! Sitting at a single place and spending several hours waiting for catfish is the biggest mistake that you can make. A catfish can detect your bait quickly, so 30 minutes is good enough to get a catch. If not, then cast your bait on a new spot. You may even try fishing deeper or shallower. Once you find a productive fishing spot, you will have an enjoyable fishing experience!

Listed Below Are The Most Sought After Species Of Catfish By Anglers:

Channel Catfish:

Channel Catfish

They are found in abundance in the United States. Catching them is the easiest as compared to other species of catfish. So, they are the favorites among anglers. Moreover, they appeal to many anglers as they do not require specialized gear. They are olive brown colored and have dark spots. They have a forked tail and their jaws tend to be even with each other.

Blue Catfish:

Blue Catfish

Blue Catfish are also the most wanted catfish species among anglers. This is because of their trophy sizes and also as they are commonly found in huge quantities. They are slate blue to grey in color and have a flat anal fin. They have a forked tail and tend to have a hump behind its head.

Flathead Catfish:

Flathead Catfish

They are huge as compared to other species of catfish. Also, they are extremely tough and can fight with lot of strength. Anglers prefer catching huge sized flathead catfish instead of several smaller ones. They have a flat tail and an underbite, so in most fishes the bottom lip extends beyond the upper lips. The maximum size of a flathead catfish is over 100 pounds. They have curved tails and their heads are flat and wide.

White Catfish:

White Catfish

They are light bluish gray or pale yellow in color. They have a curved anal fin and a forked tail. Their overall body is short and stubby like a Bullhead. They are commonly found in the coastal rivers along East Coast and Gulf of Mexico.

Black Bullheads:

Black Bullheads

These are small in size and have a slightly humped back. Their head is large and the tail is squared. They are either black or dark brown in color. They prefer staying in turbid, silty water with little or no current. They weigh around 2-3 pounds.

Some More Tricks To Follow For Getting A Good Catch:

  • Make use of a depth finder to find structures and covers. This will highly increase your catch rate.
  • High priced equipment does not ensure good catches. It is the skills that matter!
  • Catfish would come for a bite more during early mornings and early evenings.
  • Using a jig lure for catching catfish will be a good idea as it often leads to a bite.
  • Before venturing out for fishing in a new place, get in touch with the local fishermen to know some good tips and tricks. Do not forget to return the favor the next time when someone asks you.
  • Study the map well as catfish can often be found in scouring holes, flats, and deep creek channels.
  • If you are not getting bit on particular bait, then try using another one. Experiments will certainly reap rewards.
  • Catfish hunts with their whiskers as it is loaded with sensors to detect smell. So, using oily and stinky bait will let you get a good catch.

Now that you know some powerful and effective catfish fishing tips, use them the next time you go fishing and have a great catch!

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