Bass Fishing with Live Bluegill: An Adventurous Expedition!

Bass fishing with live bluegills is sheer fun for some while it is a highly pressured task for many of us. Some consider it as a skill based sport. They use artificial varied colored lures and go out with family and friends on lake side for an exciting activity. For others, it is a way to earn bread and butter for their family.

Bass Fishing with Live Bluegills

The way the large bass gulps the bluegill is amazing! Thus, it becomes a memorable venture especially for those who have never ever gone for fishing. However, ensure that you are aware of the laws and regulations regarding the fishing and transport of aquatic animals in your country, before making any such attempts.

Most of the anglers use tricky baits to catch the bass. Bluegill is one such lure for starters. An effective trick is to trap a variety of bass using a small bluegill, which is below 5 inches as these are small-sized fishes and can be easily preyed by small or large mouthed bass. Furthermore, it is important to use a live bluegill as bass don’t feed on dead ones and can get easily attracted by their natural movements.

How To Hook The Bluegill?

How To Hook The Bluegill

You should use a large sized hook to clutch a bluegill. Thereafter, hook the fish in the meat at its backside beneath the spine under its dorsal fin. Ensure that you do not cause any damage to its internal organs and hook it in a secure manner. If you fasten the hook in any of its organ, it will kill the fish immediately. Never puncture or touch the spine by using the hook. Otherwise, the fish will not be able to move freely in the natural water. The motive is to keep the fish live and swimming for as long as possible. Remember, bass may prey on a weak or wounded bluegill but never eats a dead one!

Bluegills And Their Aroma Attract The Bass:


A few anglers use cut bluegills as attractive bait for bass. It is because the bass have a huge attraction for the aroma of bluegills and cut bluegills provide them the same. So, they start following them after sensing their scent. The bluegills can be cut by using two different tactics. The anglers either bleed them to spread the scent or cut the gills up. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Cut the gills: If they are cutting the gills they separate the body from the head and use any one of them as bait. Head is the choice of most of the anglers because it acts as a good hook and as a solid anchor. On the other hand, the mid-section has many organs, which can come out while hooking; though they have a strong aroma too. Moreover, you can also use both parts as an attractive bait and increase the number of opportunities for fishing the bass.
  • Shallow Cut: Ensure you make a shallow cut while bleeding the bluegills, so that when they swim, they leave a blood trail. When this happens, bass starts searching for them following the fragrance. Remember, bluegill as bait is highly effective and one of the best lures for the bass.

How To Get A Bluegill?

Before starting the expedition, you need to acquire a bluegill first! Do you want to know how to catch them? The easiest and highly effective way to catch the bluegill is to visit your neighbourhood pet store and buy small size containers of mealworms.

Now, use a small live bait hook, which is approximately in the range of 10-12 size. Attach the worm and drop it in your line in the water body like lake, pond, river, etc. The best place is to drop the line on a place where you see a huge congregation of bluegills. If required, you can also use bobbers and weights. As soon as they see a worm wriggling around them, they strike the bait and get caught.

How To Keep Bluegills Alive?

live bluegill

It is necessary that your bluegills stay alive. It can be kept alive in two different ways. After you have trapped a few young bluegills you can do either of the two things:

  • Collect the live bluegills in a bucket with an aerator.
  • Or, you can catch one bluegill at a time and then place it on your hook and start casting immediately.

Most of the veteran experts prefer using the second method. In this way, they abstain from over-catching the bluegills and overstressing them in the bucket.

Tips And Warnings To Follow While Bass Fishing With Live Bluegill:

bass fishing tips

  • Bass are not active during daytime: You need to observe additional caution while fishing during mid-day as they are not that active and do not feed much during this time. After you have casted a live bluegill, wait and observe patiently until the bass sees the wounded bluegill and comes to eat. Once it sees the injured bluegill, it starts roaming around it and waits for it to breathe its last breath. After the sensation ends up in the rod from a twitch, make a sudden, sharp and heavy pull. Now, you have accomplished your first capture and you have a big-sized bass on the hook!
  • Circle hooks: If the circle hooks have not been used, set them right. If they have been used, make the bass to swim at a distant with the bait. Thereafter, reel in slack and apply upward pressure in a steady motion. It will assist the bass to swim away from the bait and you can plainly reel in slack. Then, assert an upward pressure to set the hook again. Never twitch or apply jolt on the rod while using the circular hook.
  • Laws and regulations: An important aspect that you should ensure before bass fishing with bluegill is to check if fishing of bluegills or bass is permitted in your state. To have a thorough knowledge about laws, you should surf the local DNR office or their website. Have a look at the posted signs at the boat launch before leaving for fishing. You can also put a few stringers together consisting of small gills carefully and then head out for the day. Bluegills are one of the well-accepted preys for bass, so get ready with the entire set up and then hit the water.

Once you have caught the fish smoothly, release the bass gently. Undoubtedly, the bluegill has played a great role in catching the bass. You should thank it too who has sacrificed its life for your benefits, while making your day productive, enthralling, and enriching. It does not matter whether you are catching the bass for mere enjoyment or want to barbecue the large bass on the sea shore. Bass fishing with live bluegill is an extremely adventurous task that can turn many heads towards your expedition, so enjoy to the fullest!

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