15 Fundamental Tricks Of Fishing That Will Make You A Veteran Angler!


Fishing is a fantabulous hobby for some, while it is bread and butter for many anglers. Most of the anglers feel that others are fortunate to catch giant and special species of fishes; but actually, that’s not the case! There are some fishing tricks and tips that will let you catch fish anywhere. Want to know more about these tricks? Just keep reading!

Fishing can become enjoyable only when you are aware of the basic knowledge of their habitat, equipment, season, etc. If you ask anglers, each one of them will highlight different fishing tips and tricks. This is because most of the trapping procedures have been passed from generations to generations. Other anglers will provide tips based on different types of fishes and the areas where they can be found like streams, lakes, rivers, and bays.

Mentioned Below Are 15 Fundamental Tricks Of Fishing That You Should Follow For Enhancing Your Hobby:

Basic Knowledge:

catching fishes

First of all, decide about the species of fish that you are planning to catch and gain information about its habitat. Also, gather sufficient knowledge about the approximate time of the day when these species can be easily trapped. Some fishes can be effortlessly caught in the morning, while others can be caught during afternoon as they are hungry and come out to bite.

Some species of fishes can be found swimming in cold water while others are found in warmer and shallow waters. It is important to note that fishing during early mornings and late evenings is an excellent time to catch several species of fishes. At this time, the light is low, which consecrates the anglers with abundant opportunities because fishes are highly aggressive during this period and can watch their prey better.

Appropriate Fishing Equipment:

fishing tackle box

An elementary fishing set includes a rod, reel, line, and hooks. This gear is mandatory for simple fishing off a dock, on a rowboat, or on the shoreline. Also, you should carry a tackle box that has tools like lures, knife, sharp hooks, and additional line. You can even add flashlight, pliers, adjustable wrench, spare hooks, rod tips, glue stick, first aid supplies, and a lighter in the tackle box. These tools will come handy while fishing.

Right Bait:

Preferences for the fish vary greatly when it comes to food. The bait should be based on the likings of the target fish. The hook should be covered with the worm or relevant bait so that it creates temptation. There are few artificial and electronic types of bait too that entice the attention of certain species of fishes, but all fishes do not get attracted to such baits. Moreover, some reflective lures can make a few types of fishes sun blind; hence, matted metal lures should be employed.

Collect Information Through Topographic Maps:

Your local bait shop can give a pretty fair idea about the fishing activity in the nearby areas. Have a thorough knowledge of the fishes from other fisherman based on the contour bottom of the water bodies that assists in finding significant locations, drops off of special fishes, and the most suitable biting places for certain fishes. Some fishes have a preference for deep holes and mossy areas in vicinity of the shorelines, while others can be found in shallow regions.

Smaller The Sinker; Easy For You To Catch The Fish:

If you want to sense the fish bite, strike on the line and set the hook appropriately. However, if you are fishing on upper surface of water that is less than 5 meters, you do not require any sinker as the bait’s weight causes the line to sink.

Catching The Fish Based On Their Characteristics:

fishing gear

Different species of fishes are found at different water levels. You need to set your rigs accordingly and chose your bait so that you can catch them easily.

Unusual Terrain Has Better Concentrations Of Fishes:

Fishes tend to reside in concentrated and steep underwater drop offs. These are usually the areas where the sea depth changes frequently. Such areas have structures like rock formations, tree branches, purees and jetty’s trees, etc. and fishes like to live in such areas. You can also catch the fishes in abundance at their hiding spots such as under the rocks and docks, within tree lines, and along the shores.

Burley Up Or Chump Up:

Also known as chumming, it is a magnificent way to grab the interests of fishes and keep them lurking around. Keep its steady supply, and fishes will keep visiting this area.

Throw Multiple Lines:

Try throwing two lines per person and it will increase the odds of catching the giant fish you have been chasing for a long time.

Learn The Exact Time Of Striking The Line:


Pull back speedily on the line while setting the hook in the fish’s mouth. Keep experimenting and find out what works best. You have to act very smart and fast. If that trick does not work for you, leave the hook around the fish for some time before striking on the line. It is significant to note that the best time of strike differs greatly from species to species and depends on different seasons and different times of the day.

Switch Your Position If Fishes Don’t Bite:

Sometimes fishes don’t bite as they sense the situation, so it is advisable to reel the line and experiment with a different location. You can consider joining a group of anglers who are fishing on a particular place.

Technology Helps:

fish finder tools

There are many impeccable tools for finding excellent terrain for fishing. You can research on some good fish finder tools that are available online and pick the most appropriate one for yourself. Moreover, if you are fishing away from the shore, gain related information regarding weather conditions or fishing forecasts before venturing for fishing.

Fishing Rigs:

Be ready with good rigs on land instead of doing it on a rocking boat. Have a perfect collection of rigs handy so that you can change whenever required, even while fishing from the shore. Apart from this, learning several fishing knots will help a lot. Shift them from back to front or vice versa in case a big fish comes your way and breaks your line.

The Perfect Size Of The Hook:

Almost every angler wants to trap a huge fish like Barramundi, but in reality the outcome is usually a much smaller fish. Hence, it is advisable to employ a smaller hook so that you can end up catching something instead of nothing.

Patience Is The Key:

Patience is an important aspect in fishing. Also, you should maintain silence for most of the time. Keep a close watch on any movement on the fishing line. As soon as you notice fishing line movement, make a quick hard tug, and hook the fish.

Final Word:

Apart from the above stated tips and tricks, you should stay focussed and confident and look for the areas that produce most of the catches. You can also do fishing where river current breaks, because at these places the fishes take a halt to rest and catch their prey. You can even use smelly and live baits like worms and minnows that trick the fishes commendably to approach the line. Last but not the least, to catch the bigger fishes, you will require appropriate tools! So, follow these tricks and you will certainly become a veteran angler very soon. Enjoy fishing!

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