Best Bowfishing Reel For 2020 – Don’t Buy Until You Read This!

Finding the Best Bowfishing Reel for 2020

Bowfishing is a common practice of fishing using archery equipment that is made special for the task of shooting and retrieving fish. Carp, paddlefish, alligator gar, rays, and sharks are just some of the species that are caught from this form of fishing. It is common to find bow fishers fishing from boats, off rocks, and even wading through the mud. In this guide, we want to outside some basic equipment that is needed for bowfishing, as well as the best bowfishing reel for 2020.

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Best Bowfishing Reels Recommendations

Top Bowfishing Reel Choice – AMS Tournament Retriever Pro – Our Choice for the Best Bowfishing Reel of 2020

AMS Tournament Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel, Left Hand
  • 4.3 to 1 gear ratio
  • Longer handle for increased leverage
  • Yellow Dacron line

Built with exceptional quality and providing 25-yards of “hi-vis” yellow Dacron line, you will have no problem reeling in the catch of the day with our pick for the top bowfishing reel.

Designed with a longer handle that will increase your leverage, this reel delivers fast action with super return speed.

It comes with a 4.3 to 1 gear ratio and it also includes a telescoping clamp, a quiver mount, a safety side kit, a trigger guard, mounting hardware, and an instruction manual.

Offered in a right or left-hand design, it is complete with an excellent rating and a desirable price.

AMS Retriever Pro – Our #2 Best Bowfishing Reels Option

AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro Reel - Made in The USA (Right)
  • The AMERICAN MADE, AMS Retriever Pro is the original bottle-style bowfishing reel - the design that has proven itself over 40 years! It's durable, reliable and it performs! And, it’s simple to use. There are no buttons to push before the shot. Unlike most other reels, Retrievers are always ready to shoot. They’re always in free-spool mode. Just draw and shoot!
  • Zero Drag - The line is stacked in a bottle rather than wound on a drum or spool so there is no drag on the line when it’s shot. The line freely spools out of the bottle on the shot and on the retrieve just stacks right back in.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction - Retrievers can take the abuse of bowfishing and will stand the test of time! Machined brass gears, stainless steel hardware and lightweight, corrosion resistant housing ensure long life in fresh or saltwater.
  • Quick-Release Quiver Mount – The Retriever Pro Mounts to your bows sight holes. One t-screw controls 4-way movement of the reel and also allows for quick removal. An arrow quiver is also integrated into this mount.
  • The Retriever Pro retrieves 17” of line per crank and includes 25 yards of 200# test braided Dacron line. We also include an AMS patented, EverGlide Safety Slide with every reel for your arrows. MADE IN THE USA!

This is a perfect reel for any level of experience in bowfishing, and it is the one to have for catching mud marlins.

Featuring 200# “hi-vis” braided Dacron line, this right-handed reel includes 2 AMS slide kits and replacement nocks for arrows.

The durability and high-quality of this reel offer a long line with no drag, it is corrosion resistant, and it delivers fast action retrieval.

It is lightweight and easy to handle and comes with a next to perfect rating at a great price.

With this one, you will be reeling them in as fast as you shoot it out!

AMS Retriever Pro Combo 200 lb. Right Hand

AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro Combo Kit - Made in The USA - Right Hand
  • Consider our all-inclusive bowfishing combo kit with our best-selling products included! Just install to your bow and go! This kit is perfect for those that have a spare hunting bow lying around and want to hit the water with trouble free, proven gear.
  • Retriever Pro: Best-selling, time-tested Retriever Pro bottle reel filled with 25 yards of 200# test braided Dacron line.
  • Tidal Wave Arrow Rest: All the features you need for bowfishing packed into the ultimate arrow rest! Our best-selling AMS Tidal Wave rest is as rugged as they come. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting at a fast-moving fish, the design of the Tidal Wave keeps your arrow in place for any shot.
  • (2) Fiberglass Chaos FX Arrows: The Chaos bowfishing arrow is made on the straightest, most consistent fiberglass shaft available. The Chaos point has a super short body and two heavy duty wire barbs engage with minimum penetration. Barbs release by loosening the tip. An AMS EverGlide Safety Slide is installed on every arrow.
  • AMS MAKES PROVEN QUALITY PRODUCTS and have been MADE IN THE USA for over 40 years!

This kit offers everything a newbie will need to get started, but it is an inviting kit for the pro as well.

Attach this reel to any of your favorite bows and use it with the two AMS bow fishing fiberglass arrows that are included.

The durable 200# Dacron line won’t drag and the reel delivers a fast, right-hand retrieval.

This kit come with the reel, the two arrows, and the line. In addition, it also includes an AMS tidal wave rest and a “Between the Banks” DVD.

The high rating proves that this kit is one of the best you can buy. And with its pleasing price tag, why wouldn’t you?

What Equipment is Used For Bowfishing?

* Three types of bows are used for bowfishing:

1. Traditional Bows- Includes recurve bows and long bows.

2. Compound Bows- Used with a pulley system.

3. Crossbows- Used with a reel.

* Bowfishing Arrows: Commonly constructed with fiberglass, aluminum, and carbon fiber. They are much heavier and more durable than traditional archery arrows.

* Bow Fishing Lines: Constructed with Dacron, Spectra, or braided nylon.

* Three types of reels are used for bowfishing:

1. Hand-Wrap Reels- A spherical spool the line is put onto by hand and then the line is secured in a holding slot.

2. Spincast Reels: This is a common fishing reel with an ordinary fishing line from the factory that is secured around the reel.

3. Retriever Reels: The line is stored inside a bottleneck handle and is often used to catch alligators and other larger species.

If you are a seasoned bow fisher then you already know where and how you prefer to fish, but if you are new to this sport, then you might still be trying to decide what your preferences are.

No matter what level you are at you will always need to have the right equipment at your side, and having the best bowfishing reel as a companion to your bow is equally important.

We have found three of the best bowfishing reels that can be bought. The reels we found are all retriever reels and they are geared toward anyone at any level of bowfishing.

The Best Bowfishing Reels Conclusion

Now you should be on your way to the catch of the day in no time using the best bowfishing reel. And, as with any sport or hobby, safety is always a number one priority. So, be sure to wear the proper clothing and always wear a good pair of polarized sunglasses.

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